Bloomington to citizens: Pay for it

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember around a decade ago when taxes you already paid funded garbage service?  The City of Bloomington put trash in an enterprise fund and gradually raised your fees to cover the cost.  All the taxes you used to pay for garbage have been swallowed by the bureaucracy.

Meanwhile the Coliseum is an Enterprise fund, it doesn’t have to break even,

Meanwhile the BCPA isn’t an Enterprise fund because it was designed to never pay for itself.  Ending shows until August 12th isn’t much of a sacrifice since Bloomington shifts summer activities to outside in downtown.  Only if those street fairs etc are cancelled will it show they are serious about a virus.

The reason government exists is to do things people can’t do for themselves.  The powers of government must be limited because they will create things their friends can’t do for themselves and make you pay for it.  See BCPA.

Now they put in writing what they expect of taxpayers.

If you want your roads fixed, pay for it.  None of those taxes you already pay can be used for this essential service, those funds are already spent on a long list of items citizens didn’t demand – like allowing employees to spike their pensions.

From the packet for Monday’s Committee of Whole meeting:

implement fees

Tari Renner ran for Mayor twice saying he would fix the roads.

He forgot to add that he would require you to pay for that privilege, you now pay EIGHT CENTS more for every gallon because of Tari.  You pay THIRTY EIGHT CENTS more per gallon because the State of Illinois doesn’t want to spend “their” money on roads, only new money.

When is Tari going to start charging for police and fire calls?  If you have to pay for essential services like roads, why shouldn’t you pay for public safety?

Hey Tari:  Save money by destroying the Bicycle Master Plan and Complete Streets.  The heavy users of bike lanes are Connect Transit buses, Amazon delivery vans, and UPS, not bikes.

If buying gas means drivers get the privilege of paying to fix roads, demand a voice in how it’s spent.  Tell Tari bike lanes are a stupid waste of money.










5 thoughts on “Bloomington to citizens: Pay for it

  1. Maybe WE should TAX TARI for US letting him pretend he has leadership abilities!!!!
    Or better yet, put a box at ALL the local grocery stores, and you get a vote for EACH dollar you put in, and see which mayor is MOST disliked-Tari or Koos, and the money goes DIRECTLY into a STREETS fund! The Winner (loser) gets “bragging” rights!


  2. Taxin’ Terri
    Taxin’ Dan and
    Taxin’ Koos

    I picture a video of all 3 locked arm in arm skipping down a yellow brick road of gold singing “look what we made our fools buy us”


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