Tuesday: 4 Wards Town Hall

By:  Diane Benjamin Alderman Lower had a Town Hall meeting last week.  104 citizens showed up to listen and voice their opinions.  It got rowdy when citizens loudly objected to flamingos when they have sewage in their basements!  funny how the bird-cage liner didn’t report it. Tuesday night 4 Alderman that need to hear outrage […]

Another of the local clueless

By:  Diane Benjamin Want to know why Donald Trump is still high in the polls?  Read this WJBC forum commentary to see what the “establishment” thinks.  He’s not even close to the real reason, but it’s good for laughs.  This is exactly what the GOP thinks too – and it’s why the Trump attacks are […]

Where’s the TRUTH?

By:  Diane Benjamin It should be more than obvious the City calls the Pantagraph to do a story when they know they are in trouble.  Today there were 2 printed about spiking pensions.  Gee, I wonder if citizens are upset?!?  Taxes are about to be raised because you exist only to be abused by government, […]

Thanks for the laughs Pantagraph!

By:  Diane Benjamin In the continuing quest by the Pantagraph to prove yet again they are not real media: Today they CHEERED Bloomington and Normal for working to stopp pension spiking! WOW!  Why didn’t they include how great it is that Normal WASTED $29,939.10 and Bloomington THREW away $1,215,177.70 before being exposed by the Chicago […]