Another of the local clueless

By:  Diane Benjamin

Want to know why Donald Trump is still high in the polls?  Read this WJBC forum commentary to see what the “establishment” thinks.  He’s not even close to the real reason, but it’s good for laughs.  This is exactly what the GOP thinks too – and it’s why the Trump attacks are backfiring.

Bill Fike:  Let me fill you in.

The GOP gained control of the House in 2010 to stop the Obama agenda.  Even though the House controls the “purse” of the country, the GOP has not used it to stop anything.

The GOP gained control of the Senate in 2014.  Before the new members were even seated, the GOP pushed through a massive spending bill that violated everything GOP candidates campaigned on to get elected.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are traitors in the eyes of the voters who put them in power.

Rush Limbaugh didn’t tell them.  Ditto Mark Levin and Sean Hannity.

The people aren’t stupid.

$18 TRILLION in debt, Global Warming nonsense used to increase electricity prices, millions more people on Food Stamps, illegal immigrants flooding the country, ISIS allowed to murder Christians and anybody who isn’t Muslim enough, a REALLY bad deal with Iran, the Department of Justice dishing out anything but justice, more than 90 million people out of the work force, IRS targeting perceived enemies, should I go on Bill?  I could, the list of fundamental transformations with the GOP blessing is practically endless.

We know the GOP are feckless clowns who bow to campaign contributors.  We know they want open borders because their contributors want open borders.  We know they secretly love Obamacare because they make lots of money off the corporations raking in healthcare bucks while destroying the whole system for everybody else.  Again, I could go on.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are leading in the polls because they aren’t establishment GOP!

Hey Bill – explain why ANYBODY would vote GOP please.  7 in 10 people now say the country is headed the wrong direction.  I haven’t seen any polls praising the GOP for changing the direction.  They appear to be marching straight toward our destruction with the other bozos.

Get it yet Bill?  Probably not, the GOP isn’t learning a dang thing from Trump’s rise.  I expect you won’t either.

(No I’m not a Trump voter.  I just appreciate him shaking things up.)



15 thoughts on “Another of the local clueless

  1. Lol, Bill Fike notes that the Trump supporters are those who will not compromise. Seriously Bill have you been residing on another planet since leaving your retail business? It is a fact that We the People have compromised so much that the mere foundation of this country has been compromised and WE ARE sick and tired of it. We have compromised enough and we will compromise no more. We want to Make America Strong again and if Trump is the only one that talks about that, the rest of the candidates can kiss off! Whether Trump is the right choice for president is immaterial as what is most important he is the best choice given the choices that we will be fed. Maybe if you would have compromised more while being downtown you would still be there but evidently you decided too, that enough was enough.

  2. Fike is a clueless GOP! And YEP! That’s WHY Bill, that I’m a BIG fan of Trump, because your boys did a Benedict Arnold when they got their GOP name tag in D.C. I guess to put it another way, WHAT ever happened to John Birch? No, he’s not some forrest plant Bill. Last Prez we had that had the “Buck stop here” wasn’t a GOP. And until the GOP comes up with ANYONE electable, they are doomed to “Trumpdom”

  3. “Donald Trump and Ben Carson are leading in the polls because they aren’t establishment GOP!” The leaders now haven’t won in the last 3 presidential cycles. It won’t happen this time either. It’ll be Bush vs. Clinton (neither of which will get my vote). Mark my word. Clinton will win. It’s already a done deal. BTW, I’m convinced Trump is a Clinton “plant”…

  4. Trump is giving the middle finger to all the politicians and the American is all too glad to lap it up. I would never want him to be my president. However, the political system brought it on with cronyism and a complete disregard for the people. The voters don’t care because every candidate is some polished robot spouting party slogans. It’s like supporting the unpopular kid for class president because every other kid is fake and unoriginal. Trump is no different from some guy rattling his tongue at the diner counter. That to me is just as troubling as the right not being able to find an alternative.

  5. I really like Ben Carson, I wish he could get some traction. I agree with BNIndy, I think Trump is a Clinton plant…but if his poll numbers continue to surge, he may just decide he’s got a change. The only way Clinton doesn’t win is if she gets indicted – highly unlikely. We really need a 3 party system.

    1. A three party system along with getting the money out of the process. Until then we will live in an oligarchy, not a democracy. Anyone who thinks we actually live in a democracy needs their head examined.

      1. So you are ok with a government organization forcing you to inject something into your body? Did you know that vaccine manufacturers are indemnified against any harmful effects of their vaccines? So we have government mandating a product must be bought and injected into your body while the manufacture is not liable when something bad happens? That’s crony capitalism at its worst. It always shocks me how republicans say it’s illegal to be forced to buy health insurance but are ok with being forced to buy and inject things into you body.

  6. Come on Bill, I’ve known you for years. Done business with you and had a professional relationship as well. But “compassionate conservatives” is what has brought us to the brink. “Compassionate conservatives” is just another name for “RINO”. Compromise is what liberals and RINOs want from “true constitutional conservatives”. Meaning, agree with the liberal agenda and they’ll make things OK. The talk show hosts you mention are the only national media the people can get the TRUTH from. No one ever wins, when they “just get along and compromising”. We are talking about the survival of the greatest country on earths history! That is a battle and a war we MUST win. We must stay true to constitutional values and to the Godly precepts that has guided this nation and made it exceptional!

  7. Conservative Republicans will never compromise when it comes to principles… We have our beliefs that are written in our constitution, and we will never deviate from them. Socialism is something that we must avoid at all costs for it will destroy our country that we love so much…. Compromise ? Are you kidding. Obama will never compromise on any thing.. Remember, he has his pen and telephone… it is his way or now way! Period! He will veto everything, regardless of the fall out…

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