COVID cases are meaningless now

By: Diane Benjamin Any mention of COVID cases is now fear porn. Notice anything? Viruses always weaken, COVID is weakening. Any talk to the contrary is to scare people. Mail in ballots will be pushed again, seen 2000 mules? You would understand why if you did. (Maybe people have just realized hospitals don’t use […]

Pandemic OVER

By: Diane Benjamin The McLean County Health Department hasn’t updated their cases page since 4/22/2020: They probably will now: Note: Total cases: 50,506 Total deaths: 366 In other words, people in McLean County that caught COVID had less than a 1% chance of dying. Start listing the ramifications now.

COVID facts IDPH doesn’t want you to know

By: Diane Benjamin Every number in this story comes from the same place – the Illinois Department of Public Health website (IDPH) The chart below shows COIVD deaths per day as reported to IDPH. These are daily deaths from 2/17/2022 through 3/16/2022. If you go to the link, hovering over each bar will show you […]

Why get vaccinated?

By: Diane Benjamin The Covid vaccine was created for a strain that doesn’t exist anymore. The Illinois Department of Public health numbers prove being vaccinated doesn’t keep you out of the hospital or prevent death. The break-through numbers as of 2/16/2022 are: As of 12/29/21: These numbers explain why Joe Rogan was attacked […]


By: Diane Benjamin Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it? I’m thrilled most parents aren’t experimenting on their kids with a vaccination! Omicron isn’t deadly. Unlike the original Covid it doesn’t attack the lungs. Omicron is providing herd immunity because it isn’t deadly. I know, I have it! It’s wonderful for […]

IEA tracks Covid – must see

By: Diane Benjamin IEA is Illinois Education Association. According to their website 135,000 teachers are members. Check out this link: (Hint: They want you stuck with their college debt) IEA created a graph of COVID problems around Illinois, they want teachers to be safe. See it here: This isn’t current data, it’s data […]

In case you thought local schools were making mask decisions:

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader Fieldcrest posted their mask policy on Facebook. I broke their letter into 3 parts and below each posted parts from the letter Tri-Valley wrote. Somebody (Regional Superintendent of Schools?) wrote a template and sent it to schools, the two are way to much alike. I bet you will find […]

5 things you need to know:

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Pritzker has instructed his Attorney General to immediately appeal the judge’s ruling yesterday calling masks “evil” and making them optional. Dictators don’t go down easy/ 2) Somebody in Old Farm Lakes was tired of waiting for a snowplow, they used a snowblower to make a path. The Bloomington website shows […]

Missing Data – McLean County Deaths

By: Diane Benjamin I am purposely refraining from using percentage increases in the data below. I believe that would distort the actual numbers. For example, I could tell you confirmed suicides increased 40% between 2019 and 2020. The actual number increase was 9, very tragic but 40% sounds far worse than 9. There are a […]

Requiring vaccinations will hurt you

By: Diane Benjamin To Community Players who only want vaccinated people at their shows, and Marcus Theaters who are doing shows just for the vaxed: Being vaccinated doesn’t prevent hospitalization, death, or even getting Covid: Illinois hospitalizations and deaths in fully vaccinated people: Those are only the serious breakthrough cases, many more still get […]

Community Players goes woke

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader Did you hear the UK will no longer require masks anywhere, including schools? Anybody who remotely follows the news knows Omicron has been very short lived in countries that got it first. (South Africa and UK) Some people haven’t heard being vaccinated doesn’t prevent getting Covid. Community Players […]

Fly on the Wall: Chemberly Cummings

Flying around State Farm I saw a “podcast” featuring Chemberly. As an elected official, is it smart to admit you have suffered from anxiety, depression, mental health issues, and physical issues most of your life Chemberly? Going for a sympathy vote? I remember when Democrats proclaimed Trump mentally ill (he isn’t) and called him a […]

Trust government? Explain this

By: Diane Benjamin Follow the money. The link to the information below is available from the McLean County Health Department website. Clicking on the COVID-19 Vaccine tab takes you to the IDPH website – Illinois Department of Public Health. I have been tracking breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths in Illinois which proves the vaccinated can still […]

Updated Covid breakthrough Illinois cases

By: Diane Benjamin Below is the updated chart based on the Illinois Department of Public Health numbers: The last time I updated the chart was November 15th. Click the link – the breakthrough cases are largely in people 65 and over. 27% of hospitalizations and 13% of deaths are in the 18-64 age group. […]

City of Bloomington and the jab

By: Diane Benjamin Why would any organization willing comply with tyranny? Follow the money! We used to be a country where individuals were allowed to make decisions for themselves, government is using COVID to forever change that to: Do What I Say. The City of Bloomington issued the below: When were HIPAA Laws repealed? Why […]

PAGE still not found

By: Diane Benjamin The web page where the Illinois Department of Public Health reports breakthrough COVID hospitalizations and deaths has been down again for many days. The numbers are supposed to be updated every Wednesday. Don’t bother calling the number on the screen, they will provide a number in Chicago. That office in Chicago will […]

Vaccine facts:

By: Diane Benjamin Headline: Breakthrough Infections, Deaths Among COVID-19 Vaccinated Rose in Recent Months: CDC Click the link to read the story. Maybe that story is why IDPH was late posting the weekly numbers, for days the site showed “Page Not Found”: The new numbers are now posted, the trend in Illinois is […]

TWO things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Local schools are teaching Critical Race Theory. They get around it by using the principles of CRT without calling it teaching Critical Race Theory. They might call it anti-racism, white supremacy, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, or White Privilege. Any program that uses race as a qualifier for generalization about a group […]

Oppose Democrat tyranny – File now

By: Diane Benjamin Ask yourself: Why is government pushing a vaccine that doesn’t prevent COVID because it isn’t a vaccine? It’s experimental, the long term effects aren’t known. Survival rates are over 98% for those infected! Why do they want to shoot everyone with an un-proven therapy when proven therapies exist? My Body My Choice […]

Healthcare Right of Conscience Act

Source: The form below can be downloaded from the link above. This form may be used to stipulate health rights associated with Covid-19 injection and viral testing in the workplace. Borrow the verbiage for your own template if that is preferred. The key state protection that favors employee health rights is known as the […]

Is OSF still Catholic?

By: Diane Benjamin See the email below. OSF is demanding all employees be vaccinated. They will no longer recognize a religious or pregnancy deferral for not complying with Pritzker. Question 1 for OSF: Why do you take (illegal) executive orders about healthcare from a morbidly obese governor? Pritzker knows being morbidly obese puts him in […]

Finally the truth

By: Diane Benjamin I’ve been hearing for week about COVID cases raging in other countries among the VACCINATED. Our media claims cases are the fault of the unvaccinated. Finally the truth comes out: Excerpts: I’m still waiting for the truth about those hospitalized. In Israel the majority are vaccinated.

Normal’s painful meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin Chris Koos was sick so Kevin McCarthy acted as Mayor.  No one adds less intensity to doing the people’s business than McCarthy.  Try to stay awake if you watch. New people showed up at Public Comment. A local businessman wanted to know why he wasn’t allowed to participate in the Town picking […]

Local Stats nobody talks about – deaths

By:  Diane Benjamin I compiled these numbers from the Coroner’s Report filed monthly with the McLean County Board Justice Committee.   All of the below can be found in the meeting attachments here: I wanted to see what effect the COVID shutdown is having in McLean County.  There isn’t enough information in the Coroner’s report […]