IDPH update – breakthrough cases

By: Diane Benjamin

As of 12/29/21:

See the last line – this data could be weeks old.

Breakthrough cases that did not require hospitalization are not included in the above. Obviously the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection, doesn’t prevent hospitalizations, and doesn’t prevent deaths.

The number hospitalized has doubled since early November. Deaths have doubled since October.

15 seconds of common sense at the World Health Organization:

Cases per week:

6 thoughts on “IDPH update – breakthrough cases

  1. This is just beginning with the booster about to accelerate the advance of ADE (Anti-body Dependent Enhancement) and the total annihilation of the immune systems of the vaccinated. We need to start praying for these folks.

    1. Agreed, I check obits in several towns that I am connected with and people are dropping like flies, people in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s especially, far more than normal.

  2. Wow! Gee whiz Batman! Note the correlation that the more vaccines given, the more people are hospitalized and death toll increases. What the ? Bam! Crash! Boom! Well this little birdie won’t be getting that jab that’s for sure!

  3. I have yet to see this answered…. okay seeing the unvaccinated count percentage in the U.S. then why no variant which seems to originate elsewhere. I know the WHO has raised the concern of the countries where the vaccination percentage is low possibly bringing even more variants.

    Hello, does anyone even have a clue or handle on this pandemic?

    Yesterday I read where one of the mRNA experts was banned from Twitter because he was against mandates. So Twitter is now the leading medical authority?

    So much chaos and confusion!

    1. Keeping their victims in a state of confusion is another tool of abusers, also changing “the rules” constantly.

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