Social and Emotional Learning

By: Diane Benjamin

Illinois Public Schools are required by law to use Social and Emotional Learning. You can see the current plan on the Illinois State Board of Education website:

Social and Emotional Learning can easily be summed up with this quote for the document I linked in the Critical race Theory story is did on December 27:

Start reading Stage and Descriptors, it is much easier to see the goals if you start at the bottom. Nothing in Social and Emotional Learning pertains to education – it’s indoctrination. The goal is to replace parents and the principles and values they want to pass on to their own kids. The State wants your kids to have their values, that means none. They want to train the next generation not to read, write, do math, and thinks for themselves – education is now a social program.

From Goal 3A-2

Goal 3C (create activists)

Electing better School Board representatives won’t fix this one folks.

The only way to fix Illinois Schools is school choice. Where your kids go to school shouldn’t be assigned by your zip code. School Vouchers should be issued so money follows students instead of going to their assigned school.

Public Education would instantly improve when competition for your dollars means education is the first reason schools exist. Right now that is the last reason they suck up tax dollars.

Parent must demand School Vouchers. Elections have consequences, start electing people who demand an education for your kids.

One more note: The ISBE website claims they use Illinois Classrooms in Action materials. The link doesn’t work. This one does:

Click on Listservs, you won’t be able to see any of the links.








2 thoughts on “Social and Emotional Learning

  1. Disparate impact is the crowbar they use to overturn everything they don’t like.
    If there is ANY difference it is automatically because of systemic racism. No questions, no discussion.


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