How many Illinois School Districts believe in School Choice for employees, but not for YOUR kids?

By: Diane Benjamin School Districts request waivers of tuition so out-of-districts students don’t have to pay tuition to attend. The requests are usually for multiple years and for children of District employees, some like Tri-Valley requested a waiver for only children of licensed staff. This is a follow-up to this story, I wanted to see […]

Not Your Kids

By: Diane Benjamin If you browse the Illinois Board of Education website, they have plans for your kids FROM BIRTH. The below shows the kids belong to them, the parents do not have a right to know anything that happens at school. One things is clear however. Kids struggling with any identity issues are much […]

Porn Star Speaker

By: Diane Benjamin A conference was held March 15th-16th in Schaumberg: ASCD Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Conference presented in partnership with Illinois ASCD. It looks it can be attended virtually April 13th-14th. This note is in the brochure for Illinois teachers – it qualified for Professional Development credits: See the brochure for this event here, I […]

Schools Boards let their power disappear

By: Diane Benjamin School Boards exists because they are elected by THE PEOPLE to watch and control what happens in government run schools. In Illinois many elected school board members are told “Let the professionals handle running the schools”. Sound familiar, as in “professional staff”? New Board members are indoctrinated with a trip to Chicago […]

Social and Emotional Learning

By: Diane Benjamin Illinois Public Schools are required by law to use Social and Emotional Learning. You can see the current plan on the Illinois State Board of Education website: Social and Emotional Learning can easily be summed up with this quote for the document I linked in the Critical race Theory story is […]

Illinois Schools enrollment decrease!

By: Diane Benjamin All of the information below came from the Illinois State Board of Education website: During the 1969-1970 school year 2,324,516 students were enrolled in Public Schools. During the 2018-2019 school year 1,984,519 students were enrolled in Public Schools. That’s a 14.63% decrease. Note the increase in bilingual education, see if you […]

Unmask the kids-McLean County

By: Diane Benjamin The McLean County Board Health Committee met yesterday. One mother gave Public Comment. Julie Bakewell presented the Resolution below to Committee Chair Susan Schafer. The Resolution is a revised version of one another Illinois County has already passed. Julie spells out why Pritzker’s Executive Orders are meaningless and IDPH and ISBE have […]

Vaccinate kids?

By: Diane Benjamin As of 6/29/2021 no one was in the hospital for COVID. Deaths by age in McLean County show ZERO deaths for people under 30, why risk giving an experimental vaccine to children who aren’t in any danger of dying? Positivity rated is now .002. That means if 10,000 people get tested only […]

1st Public School District fights back

By:  Diane Benjamin Hutsonville School District voted unanimously last night to hire Attorney Thomas DeVore for possible litigation.  The Board opposes the “Joint Directives” issued by Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) that include wearing masks, temperature checks, and occupancy limits. The Edgar County Watchdogs have video of […]