Vaccinate kids?

By: Diane Benjamin

As of 6/29/2021 no one was in the hospital for COVID.

Deaths by age in McLean County show ZERO deaths for people under 30, why risk giving an experimental vaccine to children who aren’t in any danger of dying?

Positivity rated is now .002. That means if 10,000 people get tested only 20 will be positive.

Forcing kids to wear masks when they return to school is child abuse. They are in no danger, adults can chose to be vaccinated.

The local schools need to realize parents who can won’t be sending their kids to your schools this fall if you force them to wear masks. EQUITY won’t exist because only the kids of parents without the means will be in your schools.

This study was posted 2 days ago:


The results found an average of 13,120 and 13,910 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the air inhaled by children while wearing surgical and filtering masks, respectively. Under German law, the carbon dioxide contents of a closed room cannot exceed 2000 ppm, more than six times less than the masked children were inhaling.

The authors of this study cite another paper which analyzed data from nearly 26,000 German children and determined that 68% of them experienced adverse effects while wearing a mask.

Forcing kids to wear masks is child abuse!

From the McLean County Health Department website:

5 thoughts on “Vaccinate kids?

  1. I wish people would come to realize just how much power they actually have IF they band together, and IF they can do without or wait just a little while for things. If even 25% of people pulled their kids out of these public schools it would make a huge impact if 50% did it would be twice the impact. All of this mask nonsense COULD have been done with a long time ago, along with lots of other things they have used the plandemic to achieve or TRY to achieve. Then you have the people who just blink at you like a frog with their mouths slightly open even if you show and prove to them that the death rates of this thing are practically non existent in the young and the other-wise healthy – of course then you hear “My uncle was only 50 and he was healthy and in good shape” and yadda yadda yadda – then you do a little research and learn that uncle was diabetic, 50 pounds overweight, on blood pressure meds and has had a desk job his entire adult life. I guess being upright, no visible means of life support and walking unaided is some people’s idea of being in good shape and healthy.
    Kids, do NOT need masks and no one NEEDS this “jab”, forcing this on people is beyond un-American it’s downright medical tyranny.
    Also on-off subject WHY are so many restaurants still closed inside except for delivery and “curbside” (I HATE that word) or drive up only. I know they still have people who refuse to come back to work but can’t they hire new ones now?

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  2. Yes, but now JB has been gifted the Delta variant to scare everybody with and the other day he promised us we’ll be in lock down again this fall. The McLean County Health Department announced the other day that even vaccinated people should wear masks in order to stop the Delta Variant from spreading. They’re going to use this in order to further take our rights away. If not the Delta Variant, they’ll find another one. This will never end.

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  3. Scare tactics is exactly what it is, a friend of mine and I said they will roll out another variant in the Midwest just around harvest season too, it will have symptoms like sneezing and sniffing and watery eyes – you know the things anyone who is allergic to corn and bean dust deals with every year.

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