The lies abound

By: Diane Benjamin

If you didn’t know, Dick Durbin is considered the biggest liar in the Senate. As proof, he posted this to Twitter today:

Dickie left out a few facts. DEMOCRATS filibustered this Act for 74 days.

When it was finally voted on in the Senate 46 Democrats voted for it, 21 voted against it. 27 Republicans voted for it, only 6 didn’t.

96 Democrats in the House voted against it, only 34 Republicans.

Only 19.5% of Republicans in the House and Senate voted against the Civil Right Act. 37.1% of Democrats did.

Who didn’t want voting rights for minorities Dick?


Dick Durbin left out a LOT of facts. Congress doesn’t need to protect voting rights, they need to pass voter ID (or let the states do it).

80% of voters support voter ID, Democrats leadership doesn’t because it makes cheating harder.

7 thoughts on “The lies abound

  1. It wasn’t 75 days long; it lasted only 60 days. And there should be a distinction made in exactly who was blocking the bill. The majority of Democrats who opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act were from Southern states; some Democrats in non-Southern states did support the bill.


  2. One hundred and fifty right years ago today was the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg in which more than 50,000 casualties would result to make men really free from chattel slavery. Doubt if the diminutive one even realizes it. Instead the stupid gnome from East St. Louis insults the memory of those brave men by refusing to support secured, honest and free elections. Enjoying my third day of independence in red Indiana. What a difference in sanity and common sense.

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  3. That’s a REAL common tactic of the Left – short little mostly declarative sentences and very incomplete information. As to “southern democrats” one thing some people still don’t realize – the GOALS of the left have stayed the same (and the same goes for the democrats) – their tactics just change. They used to use blatant in your face racism ( in it’s actual definition) and out right segregation, then they began to realize those old plays weren’t doing so well, so they switched it up to virtual ghettos of the mind (and still some actual as well) and began the insidious racism of low expectations and becoming a Nanny/daddy by way of the government and “handouts” – In case anyone here doesn’t know – removing black fathers from as many family equations as possible is the modern alternative to the old slavery times “buck breaking” where the men who were strong were broken and made to look and feel weak and useless and unable to provide for or protect their wives and kids, both by receiving beating themselves in the presence of their families and having to endure their wives and children being raped, beaten and sold out from under them with nothing they could do that wouldn’t get them possibly killed. There are many many ways to break and “own” a man, the left excels at them. Oh and “Dick” (perfect name) Durbin is a total swamp rat, he usually flies a little under the radar but he’s as bad as the ones like Schumer.

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