By: Diane Benjamin

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Does EQUITY apply to sports in District 87 and Unit 5?


  • Every child who wants to play can’t, where’s the EQUITY?
  • Every child doesn’t get equal playing time, where’s the EQUITY?
  • Why is the score kept? Doesn’t that violate EQUITY?

If EQUITY doesn’t apply to sports, why does it apply to education?

Some kids are always going to achieve more than others.  Education should provide EQUAL opportunity, not try to create EQUAL outcomes.  That will never happen but it will diminish the achievements of those who strive for excellence. 

Race has no place achievement.  Just like sports, those who want to excel do.  Some may have more natural talent than others, just like in the classroom.  EQUITY will never achieve EQUAL.

Equal has nothing to do with race

Anti-racist teaching has nothing to do with EQUITY or EQUALITY – just division.

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10 thoughts on “Equity?

  1. Communist-wannabe teachers haven’t quite figured out that achieving “equity” in their communist utopia means that their 4+ months well-paid time off every year will end. They are “useless eaters” under communist dogma, they don’t produce anything of value for the collective, and once their indoctrination assignments are complete they will be the very first ones to be summarily disposed of. No matter the degree of their loyalty to the “party.” Just a cursory glance at the history of the Soviet Union and Mao’s China illustrates this very clearly. Only the most cruel, calculating and amoral psychopaths are allowed a seat at the politburo table. I’m sure these teachers have been led to believe that their ideas will be welcomed and they’ll be members of the privileged “club.” Fools. They might find work as gravediggers, however. There will be a great demand for those.

  2. equity requires socialism and ends with communism where formally free people must worship the government or be silenced.

  3. A Normal West football coach stepped down because he was accused by black parents of not giving their sons equal playing time. We’ll never know if he just quit of if he was asked to resign over it, but either way he was targeted by black parents who held the school board over a barrel. Standards based grading is an attempt to dumb everyone down and produce equity throughout the school. Both Unit 5 and 87 have done away with advanced math curriculums. Used to be a student could take Algebra his 8th grade year and be ahead in math going into high school. No more in 87 or Unit 5. Both did away with those programs because they favored white students or didn’t have enough black students participating. A lot of people just don’t understand how pervasive CRT really is. It’s more than a name and it’s not going away. It’s been driving both school districts for many years. Now it’s just been given a name. In short, it’s the dumbing down of American education.

    1. Spot On – AND as they have dumbed them down to the point of being practically illiterate, and fed them full of useless nonsense and outright lies, they have lauded them and praised them about how bright and clever and amazing they are. That’s another thing socialists/communists always do applaud and praise the “youth” – as I’ve said before they like ’em young and dumb and easily led, and kids LOVE to be praised and made to feel important – the left exploits that terribly. I KNOW there are still some excellent teachers out there bucking the systems as best they can and doing their best with these young minds, but they are up against a HUGE bureaucracy that has other goals for these fresh faced youths.

  4. This article clearly articulates the issue in my opinion Thanks for article and the common sense posts by readers to this point. In the dialogue.

  5. I don’t think the author of this opinion piece understands what equity or equality actually means.

    1. That’s the general idea – the left either provides multiple, often-contradictory definitions for terms or refuses to provide one beyond a vague concept. That way one cannot argue against them logically because they know they’ll lose. Meanwhile, they’re well practiced at winning based on only emotional appeal and that’s what seems to carry the day.

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