Add $25,000 to the cost of Bloomington’s sign

By: Diane Benjamin

See previous story:

In that story is an email stating estimates, not including the sign, were $55,000.

I think I have finally finished reading everything I received by FOIA, thankfully I didn’t ask for attachments to emails. I would have had many more thousands of pages to read!

Start by reviewing the City of Bloomington code for procurement:

The original lit sign estimate was over $25,000. Keep in mind the whole project was not bid, 3 potential providers were simply emailed. If other providers exist, they never knew about the project. I wonder if the redacted emails from Legal discussed usurping procurement code!

To get the cost of just the sign below $25,000, staff built the base. They also located some gizmo that was used to light it.

Back to the $55,000 above. Landscaping was extensive. Trees were removed and a 15′ pole and sign were placed somewhere, no idea what the sign says but they asked CIRA for permission before installing it.

How did they get landscaping to avoid the procurement code? They split it to span 2 fiscal years:

The costs were paid by the Parks Department with money taken from Economic Development. We are now in FY 2022, so another $25,000 has been spent since May 1st or will be.

Other notable emails:

No other quotes were obtained.

7 thoughts on “Add $25,000 to the cost of Bloomington’s sign

  1. The salaries these clownz get paid to do this kind of low level admin scut work is amazing .
    Both Hon and Tyus job could be done by a high school graduate , for a whole lot less.

    1. I know, it’s positively stomach churning, but, like my mom told me many many moons ago, “In those sort of jobs, it’s not what you know, but who you know.” It’s also a whole network of cronyism, and incompetence constantly telling each other how amazing they are and having little awards dinner to show everyone how amazing they all are. I know there are a few intelligent people as well, but many of them basically sold their souls and instead of getting musical ability like Robert Johnson, they land cushy well paying jobs and get to stay in them, for-ever, then retire with a boat load of pension and continued benefits..

  2. Remember, Gleason and Tyson are allowing this budget cheating to happen under their direction. Why is it so important that they cheat? These people are NOT working for the taxpayers of this city.

  3. If you work for a private company as a manager and you shuffle things around in your budget and between departments to get something done that upper management does not approve, you get fired. If you work for government, the same thing should happen.

  4. Manipulating budgets to avoid having to bid a project is at a minimum unethical and potentially criminal. Good work Diane.

  5. Every time you go by one of those signs just remember that’s where the money to fix streets went to! Time to take bets on how long it will be before gang graffiti covers the signs!

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