COVID cases are meaningless now

By: Diane Benjamin Any mention of COVID cases is now fear porn. Notice anything? Viruses always weaken, COVID is weakening. Any talk to the contrary is to scare people. Mail in ballots will be pushed again, seen 2000 mules? You would understand why if you did. (Maybe people have just realized hospitals don’t use […]

Bunch of updates

By: Diane Benjamin’ Update to your electric bills skyrocketing: The Ecology Action Center put out more than Bloomington did about the increase: The shortened version is government shut down coal fired power plants with no way to replace the electricity they generated and what is replaced is more expensive. Government declared war on […]

Pandemic OVER

By: Diane Benjamin The McLean County Health Department hasn’t updated their cases page since 4/22/2020: They probably will now: Note: Total cases: 50,506 Total deaths: 366 In other words, people in McLean County that caught COVID had less than a 1% chance of dying. Start listing the ramifications now.

Mental Health was most of Normal’s meeting

By: Diane Benjamin Keep in mind you are paying higher Sales Taxes because of this County experiment. I said “experiment” because the County isn’t following a model, they are building a program from scratch. To have any idea where your money is going you need to watch the entire presentation and questions/comments portion of this […]

Missing Data – McLean County Deaths

By: Diane Benjamin I am purposely refraining from using percentage increases in the data below. I believe that would distort the actual numbers. For example, I could tell you confirmed suicides increased 40% between 2019 and 2020. The actual number increase was 9, very tragic but 40% sounds far worse than 9. There are a […]

Trust government? Explain this

By: Diane Benjamin Follow the money. The link to the information below is available from the McLean County Health Department website. Clicking on the COVID-19 Vaccine tab takes you to the IDPH website – Illinois Department of Public Health. I have been tracking breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths in Illinois which proves the vaccinated can still […]

Pam Reece grants a no interest loan

By: Diane Benjamin At the Normal Town Council meeting on October 18, 2021 a bill was approved labeled remediation. The amount was $23,250. I received the whole story by FOIA. The police were asked to do a wellness check by a neighbor on 3/27/2021. The neighbor was concerned because mail was piling up and the […]

McLean County Health Department doesn’t know

By: Diane Benjamin I filed a FOIA request before this story came out, but it proves why the data is important: A lady from Springfield died, this statement was in her obituary: I didn’t redact her name because the story is all over Facebook. I’m sure her family is devastated, but how can they […]

Finally the truth

By: Diane Benjamin I’ve been hearing for week about COVID cases raging in other countries among the VACCINATED. Our media claims cases are the fault of the unvaccinated. Finally the truth comes out: Excerpts: I’m still waiting for the truth about those hospitalized. In Israel the majority are vaccinated.

Unit 5 and MCHD ignore science!

By: Diane Benjamin Follow-up to this story: Unit 5 wants a student who isn’t sick banned from the attending school for 14 days. Her crime was being within 3 feet of a student who tested positive for COVID. Everyone in the school is required to wear masks. The masks supposedly protect people against COVID […]

Schools can’t quarantine your kids!

8:45 am update – Unit 5 sent the child home. Obviously the Health Department and Unit 5 know masks don’t prevent spreading COVID. It’s child abuse! By: Diane Benjamin Some people want to pretend they can take away your rights whenever they feel like it. They can’t if you don’t allow them to. State workers: […]

Just the facts: Covid in McLean County

By: Diane Benjamin Below are the latest stats from the McLean County Health Department: To understand what is really happening a better chart is required: What does this say? Unless you are over 80 your chances of dying from COVID are miniscule. Why would anyone under 80 get an experimental vaccine? Florida Governor Ron […]


By: Diane Benjamin Congrats to Sen Jason Barickman for standing up to Pritzker yesterday and for small business owners here. We elect representatives to make laws but Governor Pritzker decided he is god and representative government is over-rated. We has forbidden our representatives from having a voice in the affairs of Illinois. It’s almost like […]

Kathleen Lorenz: Facts do matter

By: Diane Benjamin Problem identified: Kathleen’s facts are right, Stan Nord’s aren’t. Did Kathleen read this story? Her facts were WAY OFF! Kathy didn’t do any better in an interview with Cities 92.9. She was there to counter an interview Stan Nord did previously. You can listen to it here: The first topic […]

You can’t handle the truth!

By: Diane Benjamin The best line in a really good movie. It applies here. First: I’ve added some email comments from parents to this story: The stories are heartbreaking and the actions of school boards, superintendents, teacher’s unions, Pritzker or whoever else is keeping kids from being in school should be considered criminal. They […]

Renner is a hypocrite, Normal too

By: Diane Benjamin Tari Renner tested positive for COVID. He stated himself Monday night he had symptoms for 13 days. So far reports to me have him going to a local restaurant and a grocery story WITH symptoms. Don’t forget his dancing antics without a mask too. What are citizens going to tolerate? Is the […]

Tari: Forget your oath of office?

By: Diane Benjamin Vowing to uphold both the Constitution of the United States and the State of Illinois is beyond the left. Tari Renner proved that again at the emergency Liquor Commission meeting yesterday. See the short video clip as reported by Cities 92.9: Tari expect State Attorney Don Knapp to enforce Pritzker Executive […]

Renner’s letter to Pritzker

by: Diane Benjamin The establishments readers have said are staying open: Times Past Inn, Tony’s Diner, and Jacks. Let me know if you hear of others. Below is the letter Mayor Tari Renner sent to Illinois’s one-term governor. Complaints will be referred to the McLean County Health Department who must prove in court the establishment […]

Drum roll please . . presenting Karyn Smith

By: Diane Benjamin See 25:19 Karyn Smith is reading a prepared statement during Trustee comments. The topic is COVID and the newly announced proclamations from Pritzker. Having swallowed all of the democrat talking points, she goes on and on about keeping people safe. She thinks the virus has to be under control before people will […]

Want to lower the positivity rate?

By: Diane Benjamin Who is currently being tested for COVID? Lots of people who think they might have it and people scheduled for surgery surgery. Of course testing sick people means the percent positive goes up. Decisions based on testing mostly people who think they might have COVID isn’t science! If mostly sick people are […]

COVID vrs Shutdown deaths

By: Diane Benjamin See all of the McLean County Justice Committee reports here: More people in McLean County have died of suicide, drugs, and alcohol since March 2020 than have died of COVID. June 2020 1 suicide – 1 Drug overdose – 1 alcohol and 1 drug vehicle death May 2020 1 suicide – […]

Covid – Who needs quarantined!

By:  Diane Benjamin From McLean County Health Department Note the dates: Interesting points: The people testing positive aren’t that sick People in their 20’s are the biggest group testing positive Why was the color scheme changed? They couldn’t find a new color for adding a category? The infection rate is staying ridiculously low!  2.1% […]

Local COVID data

By:  Diane Benjamin The latest from the McLean County Health Department: Note what age group isn’t taking the virus seriously.  What are the ages of the 4 hospitalized?  Not reported. Also not reported is the total number of tests completed – it has to be many thousands.  That makes the positive rate ridiculously low.  […]

Jessica McKnight needs to read the law!

By:  Diane Benjamin The McLean County Health Department thinks they have the right to shut down businesses.  They don’t.  Pritzker’s expired executive orders are meaningless – they aren’t LAW.  The only authority the Health Department has comes from the courts.  Any pieces of paper they hand out mean nothing. McKnight just closed down the pool […]

Update: More COVID local facts

4 more cases were found today, none are in the hospital. By:  Diane Benjamin posted a database of Illinois hospitals last week.  It proves not only that hospitals are not overrun with Covid patients, but also they are being severely hurt by lack of elective procedures: Below are the local stats as of […]

Update: The latest LOCAL Covid-19 facts

A third death was reported today.  I can confirm that 2 of the 3 deaths recorded in McLean County had pre-existing conditions.  I do not have any information on the third. By:  Diane Benjamin Source: What the McLean County Health Department doesn’t report is how many people have been tested.  So I asked: 82 […]

Update: Covid 19 in McLean County, need better data

The McLean County Health Department tweeted that “Hospitalized” should have been 6.  The other questions weren’t answered. By:  Diane Benjamin From the McLean County Health Department website: 2+12+5+28 = 47 It looks like one confirmed case got lost in the system. With the local economy essentially shut down, businesses closing, and people losing their […]

Just the facts: China Corona virus

By:  Diane Benjamin Skip the media hysteria and get Illinois information directly from the the Department of Public Health: The page is updated daily, this is from yesterday.  Note the death rate is less than 1%. The site has an interactive map showing cases by County, most of Illinois has few or no […]

Pantagraph Collusion

By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph needs to explain why an alleged Open Meetings Act violation against the McLean County Health Department is so much more important than the one they also reported this week against the City of Bloomington.  That story was quickly buried on their website – comments were NEVER allowed.  Comments ARE allowed […]

Now Local Government wants dependents

by:  Diane Benjamin Government wants people on Food Stamps.  They even advertise so new people will sign up.  They give away free cell phones without income checks – there was even a table set up on the west side of Bloomington to hand them out. (  The list of government giveaways is close to endless […]