The latest local COVID stats

By: Diane Benjamin

If you can’t read the below, the Age Range for the most cases is people in their 20’s. Most of the deaths are people over 70. Hospitalizations aren’t showing a large increase.

14 thoughts on “The latest local COVID stats

  1. I work in a fairly small law office (less than 20 employees) and one test positive today. So that shuts down the office until everyone is tested and a deep cleaning company hired. sigh

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    1. Silly man. Rules do not apply to the BN Elitist Clique. If you had cared to venture inside you would have found those of both local political persuasions eating lobster, steak and caviar on taxpayer money.


  2. We will see a turn to more optimistic news in the manic stream media about Covid now, just like many have predicted. It’s use has served its purpose to stir up fear and anger against Trump and his followers in their quest for political power and dominion over our lives. They can move on to screwing something else up for us.

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  3. Wrong as usual Diane…The Health Department is only reporting the stats of MCLEAN COUNTY RESIDENTS in the local hospitals. The hospitals are also receiving patients from Woodford, Logan, DeWitt, Ford, and Livingston counties. As of yesterday, there were 16 COVIDs at BroMenn alone (with 5 more with results pending). There has been a steady flow of ICU patients with COVID and both hospitals are feeling the stress of not having enough negative pressure rooms for COVID isolation. A 30 year old died this week from COVID. No medical history. The fact that the big spike in the age range is in the 20s is only a reflection of what happened at ISU. Those are the total cases since the beginning. If you look at recent weeks, the distribution of cases is much flatter and there are many more cases in the 40-80 range.


    1. I took my mother to Carle ER and we walk in the reception area and there were about 15 people waiting. I heard the receptionist tell someone that someone had been waiting 6 hrs. My first thought was how many of you in here have COVID? Couldn’t have been the worse place to be but my mother was coughing up mucous with blood. We had to wait 30 minutes or longer before they took my mother back and I couldn’t go with her. One stupid thing I saw was staff using a wheel chair not cleaned… yikes. My mother has her own. I don’t get it yeah the room has ventilation but why no HEPA air cleaners with UV lights? Heck even my dentist put those in each room. Anyhow they thought (???) my mother had pneumonia so they admitted her. She had to stay in ER until a room came available. All rooms were occupied This evening I got the COVID test results, negative but I am scared as hell with her being there. I was reading about the 30 y.o. who recently passed. Yikes now if that doesn’t scare you. I can’t get over the number of new cases each day. .


  4. So what you think that people in their 70’s are expendable? So much for Right to Life crowd and their hypocrisy. I guess you’d only consider COV-19 serious when “babies” are dying.

    The state of Illinois has had officially over 10,000 deaths and climbing. The virus is now in a new surge and those death totals will rise. The virus will not magically go away and rural areas that THINK they’re immune will have a rise in hospitalization and deaths. And no, the “manic main stream media” has stopped reporting on the pandemic.


      1. Congratulations Diane…you failed to identify whose posts were written by “idiots”. Are the idiots the ones who agree with you or those who don’t?


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