COVID cases are meaningless now

By: Diane Benjamin Any mention of COVID cases is now fear porn. Notice anything? Viruses always weaken, COVID is weakening. Any talk to the contrary is to scare people. Mail in ballots will be pushed again, seen 2000 mules? You would understand why if you did. (Maybe people have just realized hospitals don’t use […]

Pandemic OVER

By: Diane Benjamin The McLean County Health Department hasn’t updated their cases page since 4/22/2020: They probably will now: Note: Total cases: 50,506 Total deaths: 366 In other words, people in McLean County that caught COVID had less than a 1% chance of dying. Start listing the ramifications now.

Why get vaccinated?

By: Diane Benjamin The Covid vaccine was created for a strain that doesn’t exist anymore. The Illinois Department of Public health numbers prove being vaccinated doesn’t keep you out of the hospital or prevent death. The break-through numbers as of 2/16/2022 are: As of 12/29/21: These numbers explain why Joe Rogan was attacked […]


By: Diane Benjamin Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it? I’m thrilled most parents aren’t experimenting on their kids with a vaccination! Omicron isn’t deadly. Unlike the original Covid it doesn’t attack the lungs. Omicron is providing herd immunity because it isn’t deadly. I know, I have it! It’s wonderful for […]

Community Players goes woke

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader Did you hear the UK will no longer require masks anywhere, including schools? Anybody who remotely follows the news knows Omicron has been very short lived in countries that got it first. (South Africa and UK) Some people haven’t heard being vaccinated doesn’t prevent getting Covid. Community Players […]

Censorship: WordPress vrs BlnNews

I’ve been with WordPress since 2012. WordPress prides itself on customer service and has always responded quickly every time I contacted them. They call their support staff Happiness Engineers. They have ALWAYS sent a 1 click survey to see if their customers were happy with the Happiness Engineers assistance. Note: When this site was restored […]

Trust government? Explain this

By: Diane Benjamin Follow the money. The link to the information below is available from the McLean County Health Department website. Clicking on the COVID-19 Vaccine tab takes you to the IDPH website – Illinois Department of Public Health. I have been tracking breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths in Illinois which proves the vaccinated can still […]

Update: More Fake News from WGLT State Farm backs Aaron Rodger! Good for them, bad for WGLT. By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader The only reason I started writing almost 10 years ago was because journalism is dead. If stories aren’t purposely not covered to protect fellow democrats, words are twisted to make the consumer believe something that never happened. […]

Unmask the kids-McLean County

By: Diane Benjamin The McLean County Board Health Committee met yesterday. One mother gave Public Comment. Julie Bakewell presented the Resolution below to Committee Chair Susan Schafer. The Resolution is a revised version of one another Illinois County has already passed. Julie spells out why Pritzker’s Executive Orders are meaningless and IDPH and ISBE have […]

Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence

Originally published in July, updated December 15, 2020. Think science matters? It doesn’t. An overview of the current evidence regarding the effectiveness of face masks. 1. Studies on the effectiveness of face masks So far, most studies found little to no evidence for the effectiveness of cloth face masks in the general population, neither as […]

Renner is a hypocrite, Normal too

By: Diane Benjamin Tari Renner tested positive for COVID. He stated himself Monday night he had symptoms for 13 days. So far reports to me have him going to a local restaurant and a grocery story WITH symptoms. Don’t forget his dancing antics without a mask too. What are citizens going to tolerate? Is the […]

Pam Reece Insubordination?

By: Diane Benjamin The Council meeting below is from 11/2/2020. Mayor Chris Koos states for the record Town policy is to refer any violations of Pritzker’s Executive Orders to the Health Department. He does not say the police will be sent to investigate because he knows no laws are being broken. Just hit play, […]

UPDATE: Normal shut down a local business

See story update: By: Diane Benjamin A comment made by radio host Steve Suess during his November 21st show needed an investigation. Fast forward to 87:00. Steve talked about an establishment in Normal that was shut down by Normal police for continuing in-door dining. He didn’t ask the owner for permission to use […]

Want to lower the positivity rate?

By: Diane Benjamin Who is currently being tested for COVID? Lots of people who think they might have it and people scheduled for surgery surgery. Of course testing sick people means the percent positive goes up. Decisions based on testing mostly people who think they might have COVID isn’t science! If mostly sick people are […]

Mayors defying Pritzker, where are Renner and Koos?

By: Diane Benjamin List of mayors who have announced they will not enforce Pritzker’s illegal ban on in-door dining: Libertyville, Orland Park, Morton Grove, Itasca, East Peoria, Springfield We don’t live in a dictatorship even though Pritzker has anointed himself one. Many courts have ruled against him, yet he continues to fail basic government: Call […]

Normal: Financial Trends report is immaterial

By: Diane Benjamin During Tuesday’s night Normal Town Council meeting much was made about the Financial Trends Reports and what a valuable tool it is. This year it isn’t. It recaps what happened from 4/1/2019 through 3/31/2020. Something happened around the time this report ends: Glance through the report. It contains little current information: […]

Normal: The 7:00 meeting Part 1

By: Diane Benjamin Normal met for almost 4 hours last night. See the 6:00 pm Work Session story here: I’m going to start with the END of the regular meeting since I might have been one of the few still awake watching it. Chris Koos is attempting to fix his image since he was […]

Normal: Your hypocrisy is showing

By: Diane Benjamin Last Wednesday Normal passed ordinances limiting gatherings to 10 or fewer people within the ISU campus area and additional bar and restaurant social distancing restrictions. This was in response to the skyrocketing infection rate of COVID in the campus and Uptown area. Town hall is located near the epicenter of the outbreak […]

Chris Koos decides playing dictator doesn’t look good

By: Diane Benjamin The illustrious Mayor of Normal has been spewing edicts for months and calling them Executive Orders. He forgot 6 other people were elected to govern Normal. He failed to get his compliant majority to at least have input. He must have forgotten he just barely won 3 years ago and therefore doesn’t […]

WGLT: This took TWO reporters?

By: Diane Benjamin Who knew chatting can’t spread COVID! After dinner drinks at the bar doesn’t spread COVID either, Still don’t believe in #FakeNews? See this story by the ISU media about the President of ISU: Does the picture of Dietz “chatting” show he is following the “rules”? Masks, 6 feet away, etc? It […]

Covid – Who needs quarantined!

By:  Diane Benjamin From McLean County Health Department Note the dates: Interesting points: The people testing positive aren’t that sick People in their 20’s are the biggest group testing positive Why was the color scheme changed? They couldn’t find a new color for adding a category? The infection rate is staying ridiculously low!  2.1% […]

Normal: Your elected officials are immaterial

By:  Diane Benjamin Executive Orders used to at least be signed by Chris Koos.  No longer! Now the Town of Normal is issuing edicts from on high as press releases. Your elected Council Trustees had NO input and were not asked to agree or disagree. This is the latest:—extension-announced-through-November-1 Businesses affected by actions […]

UPDATE #2: Looks like a revolt at ISU – an illegal revolt!

Kalter was defeated, those in attendance rejected her agenda, at least that’s what I hear! _____________ An email I received from Academic Senate Chair Susan Kalter: The Dr of (I believe) English is WRONG.  She called the meeting, therefore it is subject to the Open Meetings Act.  This is no different than Koos inviting 2 […]