Email to both Councils you need to see

By: Diane Benjamin

I received a FOIA yesterday from the Town of Normal. This isn’t the only communication you need to see, but I will start here. I didn’t redact the senders information because she deserves praise for writing it. Her thoughts represent many.

21 thoughts on “Email to both Councils you need to see

    1. Ghost Town Normal. Koos’ can’t just blame the virus. It’s the pin that pricked the Uptown bubble. They spent $100 million to refurbish a handful of city blocks where they, the government, decided to put in restaurants, nicknack shops, hotels, and other businesses that are low margin, risky, and competing in already overly saturated/competitive industries. Imagine if they spent $100 million (or even a fraction of that) on a tech hub instead. So much for ISU getting their brochure photos of Uptown Normal this coming year.

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  1. Good for Steph; however, asking and begging is not enough. There needs to be swift and decisive repercussion against elected officials who continue to use the now-debunked smokescreen of “public safety” as the excuse to ruin people’s lives. Pritzker’s order is unconstitutional on its face, and so far he is getting away with it and then fleeing the state for his spread in Florida. I wonder how many local elected officials have places out-of-state that they can flee to?

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      1. Haha! It’s also important to note that government and quasi-government agencies send lots of (taxpayer) money to the Chamber for dues and sponsorships.

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  2. Now Renner is threatening the people of Bloomington. If we won’t bow to Pritzker, he will take over! He is an embarrassment as a Mayor!
    Also, Maggie Miley’s closing is heartbreaking!
    The destruction of an American Dream being done because of our own Government.
    The story behind it is very touching.
    I feel so sorry for all of them. 😢 this shouldn’t be and doesn’t need to be happening, if it weren’t for power hungry Democrats.

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    1. What an interesting link. To see that Normal failed twice in keeping this true bit of American going thru city interference. Real history that was part of what MADE America great. not some narrative as presented by democrats, liberals, ANTIFA and BLM as to why we have to forget the past. My hope that these people, Koos and Renner find there is a special place in hell reserved for them when the time comes. I know, very strong comments but I am tired of watching these fools destroy America and at the same time not realize this America is what gave them the opportunity to have their voices heard. In a socialist country which they seem to desire, their voices would not be heard and most likely it would be due to not being allowed to live and speak out. As to local history we always have the 66 museum and Portillo’s to carry on the fine history of Normal supporting the weakest link.


  3. Like many gay people, Koos has a lot of pent-up anger for reasons only known to them. One only has to view their social media pages and read the vile curse-filled comments and some of the vile pictur s they post. Just look at Carrillo, Cline, Watchinski and Laymon among others. There was a plan for these vile creatures to take over the local government structure and for the most part, they have been quite successful. What they lack for real love and acceptance in the real world is substituted for political power and meanness. Koos could care less businesses are closing as long it is not his own. His political cohorts feel the same way because they hate true capitalism. These people all have serious mental issues and live lives full of “payback” to anyone and everyone to substitute for their personal unhappiness. It is a hate that borders on rage because they know they will never be considered normal functioning humans and are mad at the world for it. It is a hate that will never be quenched.

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    1. Strange that BOTH the mayor of Normal and the mayor of Bloomington are gay. And if you have any doubts about Renner (he throws up a smokescreen), go watch him chase young guys at the gym most mornings.


  4. Agreed TIXIF! There’s NO REASON a well managed place like Maggies, which has been a mainstay for locals AND students alike for over a decade should have to be closing, which puts 80 people out of work, wonder how many Epiphany Farms had to drop, THANK YOU mr koos AND renner .. You’re doing a GREAT job of BUILDING our “DOWNTOWNS!
    MAYBE tari can re-invent Epiphany and make it a fire station that’s USEFUL!


  5. Unless you have had a business, worked for many years to make it successful, you cannot begin to understand what it means to have your business destroyed by left wing fear mongering lunatics.

    To have worked for years to have a business destroyed by spineless yes men for reasons they can’t even fully explain is Criminal.

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  6. Wow. Steph sounds like a complete jerk. Why does Steph expect their voice to represrt 131 other small business owners? That statement reaks of being problematic. As a small business owner in the community I have never interacted with Steph, nor do I know who this person is. It seems weird that Steph wants to represent me.


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