Voting for Democrats costs you money!

By: Diane Benjamin

It should be obvious, but evidently too many people think government needs your money, so they vote democrat. How many tax increases does the State of Illinois have to hand you before you figure out government is working for itself – NOT YOU?

Illinois Democrats have no intention of fixing the unaffordable pension system. They are happy with pension payments taking 35-40% of the entire State budget when they can just take more from everybody who will never see a pension and get campaign contributions from the unions expecting a lavish retirement.

Local: Democrat Tari Renner increased the Bloomington budget $60,000,000 a year. Democrat Chris Koos buried Normal citizens in debt. It will take decades to dig out of the hole.

More proof Democrats think they are entitled to your money happened this week. The County Board met to set the tax levy. If you don’t know, the County Board is dominated by Republicans, citizens dodged a bullet in the election because Democrats were attempting to take the majority. This should prove why in two years the ones up for re-election need kicked to the curb.

See this story:

Unlike the in-town fleecers-in-chief, the County Board has always tried to not raised the property tax rate if possible. Republican Chuck Erickson wanted the same this year and got it. FIVE Democrats wanted you to pay more for their folly.


Cline was just elected, she replaced Robustelli when he resigned. George Gordon was defeated in the primary and will be replaced by another Democrat Hannah Beer. The 3 others will be up for election in two years.

Lock this in your brain:

Democrats = Taxing You More

What is Illinois giving you for all the additional taxes Pritzker passed?

What are you getting from Bloomington for $60,000,000 more a year?

What is Normal providing for the massive debt and constant tax and fee increases?

Anything you needed?

Choose to decide yourself how to spend the money you work hard for. Quit allowing the Democrat Party to fool you into thinking they are helping you!

More notes from the article: Logan Smith was the ONLY no vote on the budget, the rest of the Democrats conceded. Smith isn’t known as the brightest bulb on the Board.

Democrat Elizabeth Johnson read a letter from the absent Democrat Connie Chung. Sounds like Chung will be threatening businesses who don’t comply with the Illinois dictator edicts. Illinois proves representative government doesn’t exist, Democrats expect you to kneel.

2 thoughts on “Voting for Democrats costs you money!

  1. Diane, I appreciate everything you are doing and everything you’ve done. A clear voice of truth and reason, a “watchdog” for this community, but a community that has fallen asleep at the wheel, and has allowed terrible and conniving people to gain control of it, to a large extent.

    I’m going off topic a bit here, and necessarily. The recent openly fraudulent election, the outright lying with the COVID numbers, the jaw-dropping evil media propaganda complicity. I came back to this community in August after escaping the disgusting authoritarian tyranny under democrats in New York City. I thought I’d find reasonableness here in the area where I grew up, clear-headed midwesterners, people who value their Constitutional rights, people who value their religion and freedom as Americans, who would NEVER fall for the onslaught of psychological warfare being heaped upon us. It looks like I might have been wrong. People still won’t use their brains, start seeking the truth, realize the FACT that MASKS DO NOTHING. LOCKDOWNS DO NOTHING (but harm). THIS WILL NEVER, EVER END UNLESS WE STOP IT NOW. This nothing short of a war against the American people to take control of this country, and mold it in the image of CHINA. A treacherous and evil system that has worked spectacularly to enslave hundreds of millions under a few. This is a technocratic, oligarchic takeover of this Republic.

    Some NPC robot guy in Hyvee screamed at me the other day because my face diaper was down below the bridge of my nose (so I could breathe). People like this must be confronted and defied. NOW IS THE TIME TO SAY “NO MORE.” NOW. NOW. NOW. Before it’s too late, when there will be plenty of paid jackboots standing nearby the drag you off. Sound ridiculous? Ask the Jewish people who are still alive to remember the Polish slums. Ask the Uyghurs in China (oh, that’s right, you can’t they are in “reeducation camps” or iPhone factories). Ask the Falun Gong practitioners in China who are having their organs harvested and sold. People say, “oh, never in this country.” Well, it’s happening now. RIGHT NOW. Just look and see what is happening to people who ask reasonable questions about what’s going on. Censored. Threatened. And it’s not “to save lives.” It’s to get people scared and complacent.

    I urge the people of this community to stop being polite, good little “citizens,” and take their lives back. RIGHT NOW. This has gone far enough for us to see clearly what the endgame is. And it is the “great reset” of our lives, losing our freedoms, being surveilled 24/7, forced into the matrix of groupthink. And any politician who is supporting this reset should be removed from office immediately, stripped of power, run out of the community. They don’t have your interests at heart. They serve the “higher power” for a little crumb falling from JB Pritzker’s table (and he’s a small fish compared to who’s really running the coup). And remember, there is no room for RELIGION in this new world order. The Green New Deal is your God. You answer to the State, masquerading as the paternalistic savior knowing what’s best for you. SO YOU’D BETTER COMPLY.

    I hope people share this and at least start considering doing something active. Get together with your family, your neighbors, make a plan. Go to Menards and leave the face mask at home. Encourage your favorite restaurants to open anyway, talk to your law enforcement neighbors and friends and get them on board. This is literally the last chance we will have to get our lives back.

    And if you’re an “orange man bad” acolyte, then there’s really nothing to be said other than you haven’t been listening or watching. You voted for endless lockdowns. You voted to turn this country into China. YOU VOTED FOR IT.

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