Voting for Democrats costs you money!

By: Diane Benjamin It should be obvious, but evidently too many people think government needs your money, so they vote democrat. How many tax increases does the State of Illinois have to hand you before you figure out government is working for itself – NOT YOU? Illinois Democrats have no intention of fixing the unaffordable […]

Proof: Failure to Launch

By:  Diane Benjamin Somebody calling themselves: just accused me of lying in this story from yesterday: Here’s part of the comment: I made up the whole thing? I lied? I know Derek has been to “Democrat Boot Camp”.  That means he wants to run for something.  The local dems have nothing to run on […]

Local Democrats show they are pro-baby murder

By:  Diane Benjamin This item was on the Consent Agenda for the County Board meeting yesterday: This was merely a renewal of an existing lease for the Child Advocacy Center in Livingston County.  Since it was on the Consent Agent it wasn’t anything controversial and was passed the previous year with no discussion. […]