Fly on the Wall: Logan Smith

I think I heard Democrat County Board member Logan Smith physically threaten Chair John McIntyre!

Laurie Wollrab, I saw you were present.

I was just flying around down the hall, loud enough office personnel heard the ruckus. If John wasn’t so nice he’d file a police report.

(We all know laws don’t apply to democrats though)

4 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Logan Smith

  1. All from the little boy who had to leave Normal West for bullying from others and attend alternative high school.

  2. Hopefully Logan is not mentoring with America Evans, a State of Illinois employee who found herself in the news for her workplace behavior.
    According to the story, America Evans was yelling, cussing and physically attacking her supervisor in the workplace.
    And no matter how unprofessional her behavior – she is still employed by the State of IL and the tax payers continue to PAY her!

    In 2019, America Evans was making an annual salary of $335,700

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