County going Blue

By: Diane Benjamin The County Board now has two vacant seats with the resignation of John McIntyre – District 5. The seat vacated by Jeannie Biles – District 8 – hasn’t been filled yet after her resignation in August. Democrat Elizabeth Johnston, currently vice-chair, will be acting chairman until a new election by the Board. […]

4 of the 5 will be on the ballot regardless of the democrat stunt

By: Diane Benjamin Shayna Watchinski, Jill Blair, Anna Darrow, Cara McMorris, and Sarah Breeden can now go back to rabblerousing over the possibility of abortion rights resting with the states instead of NINE un-elected male judges. They should be praising the possible Supreme Court decision since they are hell-bent on election integrity and democracy. Do […]

Local Republicans prove their worth

By: Diane Benjamin The McLean Country Board Executive Committee met Monday. Members: Every one of them is Republican except for Laurie Wollrab. Josh Barnett is questionable at best even though he claims to be Republican. I think one person were absent, I don’t know who since role wasn’t called. This group is capable of holding […]

The IL GOP will always be a minority

By: Diane Benjamin It is only a short time before McLean County will be taken over by Democrat Socialists. The Republicans are doing nothing to stop them. The GOP believes in working together. The local democratic socialists don’t want to work together, they want to control everything. McLean County will soon be run just like […]

Punting to a Tyrant

By:  Diane Benjamin Somewhere I heard it stated:  Illinois will open when the people want it to open.  Your elected officials aren’t going to help, they are bowing before Pritzker’s tyrannical rule. The County Board debated for two hours last night.  Peoria and the other cities who put together the HOI plan have all backed […]

Illinois GOP, a minority on purpose

By:  Diane Benjamin State GOP Chair Tim Schneider led the Republican Party in a wipe-out last November.  The Republicans have zero power in Springfield thanks to his leadership.  There is now a lawsuit connected to the election of the State Central Committeeman over election improprieties.  Schneider is accused of stealing the election.   Details here:  19-0422 […]

Why even Democrats should vote for GOP for the next Attorney General

By:  Diane Benjamin The current Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, will fortunately by gone next January.  She persecuted (no I don’t mean prosecuted) businesses in Illinois while allowing public corruption to flourish.  Her Public access office just did it again. First see this post: I totally agree – this meeting should have been publicly announced. An […]

It’s official! The New State’s Attorney

Don Knapp was appointed with ZERO discussion.  The fix was in. By:  Diane Benjamin The County Board meets this morning at 9:00.  On the agenda (Item 7) is the Chairman’s pick to replace Jason Chambers as State’s Attorney. I predict Chairman John McIntyre picked the current Assistant County Administrator Don Knapp.  Don is […]

County holds an illegal meeting!

By:  Diane Benjamin This morning the McLean County Board held a meeting without announcing it.  Is the Open Meetings Act too difficult to understand? Notice of ALL meetings most be posted 48 hours in advance along with the agenda.  This morning they held a legislative breakfast for the entire Board AND State Senators Bill Brady, Jason […]

Democrat Jocularity!

By:  Diane Benjamin Erik Rankin is on the McLean County Board.  He is also the local Democratic Party Chairman.  Democrats are VERY outnumbered on the County Board.  VERY! Since Jason Chambers ran on the Republican Party ticket for State’s Attorney, his replacement until the next election has to be a Republican. Ranken was on WJBC  […]

Downs Fire last night

See this story too: By:  Diane Benjamin Two of the three Trustees attended the meeting.  The chairman decided not to show up – Mark Casada.  Candidates for open positions were allowed to make their case and answer a few questions.  At least one candidate didn’t attend, his application letter was read by one of the […]

Update: McIntyre – you don’t have that authority!

Update:  Don Knapp was the person from the States Attorney’s office I referenced below.  He used to be with that office, so he should know the law.  According to Samatha Walley in that  office: Don has not been a part of the State’s Attorney’s Office since late November/early December of last year. He was hired […]