4 of the 5 will be on the ballot regardless of the democrat stunt

By: Diane Benjamin

Shayna Watchinski, Jill Blair, Anna Darrow, Cara McMorris, and Sarah Breeden can now go back to rabblerousing over the possibility of abortion rights resting with the states instead of NINE un-elected male judges. They should be praising the possible Supreme Court decision since they are hell-bent on election integrity and democracy. Do they know whatever the decision is won’t affect Illinois?

A judge did toss John McIntyre, Catherine Metsker, Hannah Blumenshine, Annette Fellows, and Vicki Schultz from the June 28th ballot because the above challenged the petitions.

If the case hadn’t taken weeks to hear it could have been appealed to the appellate court where a precedent already exists that failure to number pages doesn’t materially affect the validity and therefore they likely would have stayed on the ballot. Meanwhile the Bloomington Election Commission and the McLean County Clerk would not have been able to finalize the ballot. Early voting starts in 2 weeks. (Another waste of money by democrats)

The Democrats/Socialists accomplished nothing. At least 4 of the 5 will be running as write-in candidates in the Republican primary. All they need is 24 people to write in their names and they are on the ballot in November.

Democrats and Socialists, especially in Illinois, will do anything possible to deflect from their policies: electricity rates almost double, natural gas rates up 83%, Pritzker gas taxes, endless executive dictates, ridiculous property taxes, Covid relief to schools spent on indoctrinating the principles of CRT instead of catching students up for 2 lost years, Illinois corruption, the list is endless! If you want to thank Pritzker personally, the democrats are having him as guest speaker at the May 19th dinner.

Maybe the group that thinks they held the Republican Party accountable can now create an Abortion Tourism Bureau to lure young pregnant girls here for their free abortion. No need to tell the parents, Illinois Democrats think they parent everybody’s daughters. No need to report criminal impregnating minors to law enforcement either. Laws only matter if political gain can be had.




12 thoughts on “4 of the 5 will be on the ballot regardless of the democrat stunt

  1. Please indicate the judge that ignored precedent so that voters are able to vote the judge into retirement.


  2. I think this is a much worse problem than the Republicans understand. There is nothing to stop the Democrats from running write-in candidates of their own as a RINO. Whichever write-in candidate gets the most votes in the Republican primary earns their name on the General Ballot as the Republican option. The Democrats can set themselves up to win either way. The Republicans need to slate candidates to keep this out of the Primary.


  3. The local GOP has a talent pool of veteran campaign experts and operatives that actually know how to do campaigns. Maybe the local GOP should consider using them sometime. 👩🏻‍🎓

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  4. Jonathan Wright is from Logan County and he is supposed to be a Republican but has proven on many occasions to be a liberal, He will be up for retention and will not get my vote! He also claims to be a man of faith.

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  5. The Democrats are organized. Republicans are a disorganized and independent group. History has taught that victory favors the organized. How many petition challenges over stupid errors must Republicans endure before they organize their $hit?


  6. Interesting. Isn’t Judge Wright the one that won’t dissolve the marriage of any gay or lesbian couple?? I think so. If the crazies only knew..,their heads might implode.


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