Update: Fights at BHS almost daily

See the video here: https://rumble.com/embed/v112eta/?pub=n1sn7

By: Diane Benjamin

This is what students who attend Bloomington High School might encounter almost daily. Barry Reilly knows and as of last night hasn’t responded to the person who sent him the unblurred version.

The aggressor should be kicked out of school. So far she hasn’t been. Creating a safe environment for learning obviously isn’t the goal since this has been happening all year.

School Board elections next year, people who care need to be elected. Right now only 1 does. More videos might be coming. This is what Equity and Diversity looks like.

Yes, YouTube doesn’t want you to see one kids beating up another. Removal has been protested.

You need your kids out of public school warzones now. Schools are doing nothing to educate or PROTECT them.

I could post a fuzzy video, instead here are two screen shots. The female on top is pummeling the one on the ground, no one stopped her:

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  1. My grandson says there are fights almost every day at Parkside Junior High, but we don’t read or hear about them..


  2. My son would tell us about two to three times a week of fights at NCHS. We thought he was exaggerating until my daughter started high school and said the same thing. This was between 2007-2013. We contacted the school and got the run around. The fighting is nothing new unfortunately. I hope someone can find a way to change the environment because we couldn’t even get a straight answer of what was being done. It wasn’t until my son was punched and the school officer was involved that at least one child was disciplined.

  3. Starting with Obama, schools could have funding withheld if they failed to address the discrepancy in punishment according to skin color. That policy failed miserably with teachers being attacked and violence increasing.

    Nevertheless, the Equity Theology has brought it back. I know for a fact (see unit 5’s equity action plan) that stats are being kept on skin color related to punishment. The intention is to modify punishment accordingly to identity.

    I hope proper punishment like expelling isn’t being avoided to keep administrators safe from the Equity hawks.

    I do not know if the fights we occasionally hear about are interracial or just personal squabbles. I would hope someone knows and is considering it to establish common sense policy that works. What we are doing or not doing now is not working. Obviously.

  4. The last School board meeting for Unit 5 is Wednesday May 11 at 6:30. Arrive by 6-6:15 to sign up for public comment. There are numerous topics for public comment including unsafe schools due to deliberate lack of discipline, Comprehensive Sex Education, poor proficiency in mathematics and reading, lack of academic excellence, leftist progressive marxist democrats setting policy in schools and teachers who go along with it, Diversity Equity Inclusion garbage, etc. District 87 may also be having their last school board meeting that night as well.

  5. Unfortunately the YouTube item has been deleted by their Gestapo for violating their rules. Sent via the Samsung Galaxy, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  6. You tube pulled the video so it’s left to us to guess the particulars of the incident. I imagine I’d be called racist for my assumptions….. but I’d bet I’m right.

      1. Gee, I guessed correctly! Why are we, as a society, afraid to call out blacks when they behave like…….well, so violently? I know there are plenty of bad whites too but there’s a reason our prisons are disproportionately populated with blacks and it’s Not the police, or the system, it’s their culture and our tolerance.

      2. From the aftermath of the beating (staying in the fetal position and covering her head) she will be scarred physiologically for life. So sad.
        Way to go public education! You administrators should be ashamed of yourselves!

          1. Gun sales, especially among women, are at historical highs. And for good reason. Society is becoming, being encouraged to be, more violent and less civil. I’m not the man I was 50-60 years ago so I too feel the need to be able to protect myself. And if I do it’ll be me going to jail…..that is so wrong.

  7. Unfortunately a growing problem in our society by school children and adults.

    In March I told a granddaughter who was abusing a friend of mine her grandmother that I would file for guardianship of her grandmother. She threatened to have me arrested and yelling at me on the phone. I hung up and later reported it to the McLean County Sheriff’s office to follow up on upon the advice of my attorney. Yeah some 40 y.o. Had it came from her employers phone number I would have reported it to them.

    Beats me where these people get the idea that violence and threatening is “just” okay to do and acceptable. From TV shows or movies, parents? .

  8. People know nothing about the fights because the rag is suppressing the news. This is what happens when one news outlet has a monopoly on the news.

  9. Thinking that Barry Reilly gives even half a crap is delusional. He is literally weeks away from a sweet lifetime pension and will enjoy and spend it in a warm state.

  10. More parents need to press criminal charges against these animals for doing this. Hire an attorney and go after them. Start a crowdfunding account with GiveGetGo if you need funds for prosecution. You must stand up for and defend your child. If you don’t it sends a message that you care more about the criminal than your own daughter or son. Above all we need parents to pull their children out of these hell holes and Homeschool or choose private school.

  11. I bet the public school atmosphere is why the Evans principal is moving to Central Catholic – for a smaller paycheck!!!

    1. He will be severely disappointed unless he enjoys being constantly abused by the money families in order to keep his job..Also he’ll find physical and verbal abuse among students is alive and well their as well.

      1. Someone earlier posted fist fights are nothing new in schools, that’s true of course. But the difference is there used to be consequences both from teachers/administrators AND most of all, parents! Our schools are a perfect reflection of our society. Tolerant, permissive, and free of consequence. A trophy for everyone and standards set for the lowest common denominator.

  12. Teach your kids martial arts or better yet Krav Maga. Also, retain legal counsel for your kids. US law Shield for an extra $2 a month will cover you your minor children if they use Force in self-defense. Let school officials know that if they can’t provide a safe learning environment for your children, and your children are injured, you will sue them. It’s not that hard.

  13. Fistfights in BN schools, including private and at lab schools, is nothing new. It’s been going on for years and years as well as bullying. The primary instigators are kids with less than stable home lives and the usual 5 foot punk that can never keep their mouths shut. Has nothing to do with what is or is not being taught in the classroom. A retaliatory response by victim usually ends it.

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