Normal: Your taxes funded this

By: Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal and the Chemberly Cummings proved Fair and Balanced was never the goal of the Youth On A Mission project. The 3 presentations last Monday, that took close to 45 minutes, were nothing but democrat talking points. Tax dollars were used to lobby for one side while ignoring the other.

1st group:

You can see slides of their presentation by hitting Play below. The slides are fuzzy at best, I don’t know why.

This group wants everybody driving an EV to combat the climate crisis.

  • Tax credits are mentioned, not the deficit these kids will inherit because of handouts.
  • They claimed a Tesla Model X can drive 100 miles for $4.49. That won’t be attractive when electricity almost doubles this summer considering that vehicle is MUCH more expensive than gas powered.
  • They want Normal to transition to electric vehicles and build more charging stations. Will taxpayers getting the electricity bill like now?
  • They didn’t mention EV’s don’t contribute to fixing roads through Motor Fuel Taxes. (Eventually they will be taxed)
  • Mining the rare minerals needs for batteries wasn’t mentioned. Getting them from China or Russia wasn’t mentioned either.
  • They mentioned ways to generate electricity, the war on natural gas and nuclear energy will limit the supply of electricity for the 1 million new EV’s they expect. Blackouts and brownouts in California weren’t mentioned.

This list could be endless, but it proves the students were only exposed to one side of the issue.

2nd Group

This group wants a Cultural Diversity Center in Normal. Do they know ISU already has one? Democrats play identity politics to divide people from each other. Diversity based on ethnicity is racist, even worse is expecting taxpayers to fund it. We used to be Americans, a melting pot. Those days are gone.

3rd Group

I can see why this group went last. They want taxpayers to build a pocket neighborhood for the homeless. They didn’t explore why people are homeless, they think this will help “get people back on their feet”. They are oblivious to the fact that many people don’t want to get back on the feet due to mental illness or drug use.

Seattle bought numerous hotels, spending millions, to house the homeless. Google it. It didn’t work.

See 34:53, one student did a drawing of the “village”.

I predict Youth On A Mission will be back next year at taxpayers expense. Diversity in the leaders is needed. This year they had none and it showed.

This is what teaching kids what to think looks like. They should be taught HOW to think. Youth on a Mission is nothing more than creating future Democrats with your tax dollars. Maybe that’s why only Unit 5 students were allowed to participate. The students were engaged, they didn’t know they were actually indoctrinated.

Just hit play:

13 thoughts on “Normal: Your taxes funded this

  1. 2022 Tesla Model X: $105,000–150,000. Compare this figure to the average new-car price, which is currently $47,000 as of January 2022, according to Consumer Reports. While you may not have to pay for gas, you need to charge your vehicle. The Tesla recommended wall connector is $550, plus an additional $750 to $1,500 for the installation. Installation costs can vary based on your home’s electrical system and your local electrician’s rates. It takes approximately 10 hours to fully charge the Tesla battery. A supercharger is a fast-charging station publicly available in many cities. These charging stations can cut charging time down to half an hour or less. However, you will pay a premium to use a supercharging station unless you have people in Bloomington/Normal who expect taxpayers to subsidize all of this. Like electricity for your home, most charging stations charge per kilowatt-hour (kWh), but some charging stations charge by the minute. With right around 300 miles per charge good luck!

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  2. This was a civics project that should have been done through the schools. Pam used tax dollars to pay for this and intentionally scheduled them to present on the same night as the vote to fund designing Uptown 2.0. The kids were steered to lobby for things the Town wants in Uptown.

    There will be:
    – Dedicated Multicultural Space
    – Subsidized housing
    – Greater accommodations for EV charging

    Pam and Chemberly used tax dollars to lobby their Uptown 2.0 vision.

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  3. 2022 Tesla Model X, let’s not forget battery replacement cost of somewhere around $14,000-$22,500 depending upon the model. Warranty of 8 years or 150,000 miles. And let’s not forget the occasional spontaneous combustion, engulfed in flames of the entire vehicle. Me? I don’t want to in a pickle of waiting for the darned thing to re-charge compared to the almost immediate gratification of filling up a full talk of gas.

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    1. Old Stanky, there are a LOT of negatives for EV’s now. One thing that irks me is that there are so many people, mostly on the left, who want EVERYONE to go electric immediately but don’t own one and don’t have any plans to buy one.

      Virtue signalling is an antidote for hypocrisy, among other things.

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  4. I agree Diane,
    Its sad that these young people appear to be just passing on what they think those in authority want to hear.

    I have a feeling if you had given 30 groups of students the opportunity to make presentations there would have been many 3 to 5 different subjects they would all talk about rather than 30 unique subjects.

    Or maybe Chemberly prepped them in some way to present things that back up her own agenda?
    Or were they doing this like it was a class that they hoped the teacher (Chemberly) would give them a good grade for? I hope not.

    It would have been interesting to have a group interview all the council members and come up with a few ways to improve communications btw council members. That would have some real impact!

    Young people should have young minds not just copies of old minds.
    I would give them points for at least stepping up.

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  5. When schools and universities/colleges preach this from entry into the system and force and blast CNN in the schools and part of curriculum for years, this is the result. Also Illinois and other states and counties are throwing free money at universities, Non-For Profits or initiatices on climate, diversity, integration of these into the communities and every part of our communiites explains a lot. Enticing children and young adults to get on the free – social change- money bandwagon is easy. Who would not want free money thrown at them to endorce and call it leadership and change? Good on resume too 🙂

    We are seeing the result in county, state and local leadership now. Been going on for a long long time and we never asked who is doing specifically what with the decisions, initiatives, developments, technology, social enginerring and more. We just let them do whatever and include the kids to accomplish it all.

    I personally and financially are not liking the output and results.Or tactics

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  6. The indoctrination and brainwashing happens in public schools everyday. Homeschool is the only way to save your children. A good private school that does not teach this garbage is an alternative. Wait until Comprehensive Sex Education hits the schools in August. If you’re disgusted now just wait, because it’s actually going to get worse. Please do not send your kids back to public schools.

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