New Year for Normal, same old Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

The Council isn’t meeting until Tuesday night since Monday is another day off.

In case you forgot the show staged at the last Council meeting: (copied from the minutes, PDF page 5)

Jodi Pomis, Town of Normal Deputy Clerk and Normal resident addressed
Councilmembers regarding an email that Councilmember Stan Nord sent to the Clerks

See the rest of the minutes on PDF page 6. Actually re-watching the video is more entertaining. Just hit Play below to see the circus clown at work.

2023 starts off with a new bike path:

Next jump to the Holiday party Normal taxpayers funded:

Chemberly Harris is still using your tax dollars to train future activists:

I hope these are different mentors and will steer the kids to something realistic. Has anyone noticed a “pocket neighborhood” for homeless people isn’t under construction?

Why are taxpayers paying clerks to attend parliamentarian course? At every meeting the Town lawyer is called the parliamentarian.

Maybe 2023 if finally the year taxpayers will not only show up to vote but to comment at meetings. If the last meeting wasn’t enough, will Koos driving a Rivian you paid for do it? How about you pay his cell phone bill too?

That’s 4 months, almost $84 a month. If the part-time mayor has to have his own mayor’s cell phone he needs to get a cheaper plan. If this is the same phone he uses for personal use and his business he should be investigated. Ditto for his Rivian.

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