Pantagraph and Social media

By: Diane Benjamin Yesterday the Pantagraph printed an editorial called: Commentary: Social media is hurting America, and 2019 is the year we need to do something about it It was supposedly from the Dallas Morning News with no names attached.  Read it here if you missed it: Yes, they claim social media is hurting […]

Mob Rule

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington is now run by special interest groups.  The Council will pass a Citizens Advisory Board at the next meeting if only to pacify the large crowd that showed up last night and will show at the next meeting to intimidate them. Of course, the Council will pretend to not be intimidated. […]

Lesson: Government Ineptness

By:  Diane Benjamin All the emails below were received under the Freedom of Information Act. Laugh or cry, it’s your choice. Here’s the story: A guy moved from one location in Bloomington to another.  At his old place he had a 95 gallon cart, but his new place had the smaller size.  He called the […]