Mob Rule

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington is now run by special interest groups.  The Council will pass a Citizens Advisory Board at the next meeting if only to pacify the large crowd that showed up last night and will show at the next meeting to intimidate them.

Of course, the Council will pretend to not be intimidated.

Bike Blono showed up en masse last night to ensure painted lanes get added to E. Washington.  On their knees, the Council approved  9-0.  Creating congestion and slowing down traffic is a good thing.

It also provides a really good reason for never heading downtown since the most direct route will become a deterrent.  Leave downtown to the bikers who think they aren’t subject to the rules of the road or penalties.  (Even though they claim they are)

A tiny percentage of citizens now control how your money is spent.  Whoever brings the most people to meetings wins.  Whoever badgers the Council the most wins.

I bet that doesn’t work though for people opposed to higher taxes.  I bet it doesn’t work for people wanting budget cuts either.  Your views are immaterial.

So is common sense.





18 thoughts on “Mob Rule

  1. I don’t live in Bloomington…but from what I hear form friends who do…neither do you! How about you butt-out of Bloomington business, and let the people of Bloomington decide how their own town should be governed?

    1. Dana–Most people who post here live in Bloomington. Most information is available on the City website. Much that is done in Bloomington is unethical. The local paper does not research the information found online. Articles that are to report facts are really editorials. The officials need to be held accountable.
      The Pantagraph reports national news from the AP. Should that be considered irrelevant because it was not written by a local?

    2. Many folks like myself who do live in Bloomington appreciate this blog Dana, so if you don’t like it then please apply your own advise to yourself and butt out. Jeesh, some people’s kids.

  2. Why are you so angry? No, I’m retired, thank you…which is what you should do from editing this rag.

  3. I’m a progressive…not a liberal. But hey…why don’t you tell some more about myself here that I don’t know…this is getting entertaining! But then again…this seems to be an entertainment site…not a legitimate news organization.

    1. Progressives! Yeah, keep moving forward although the next step takes you over the cliff. Fortunately you so called progressives days are numbered. That’s why the Donald soundly beat your butts in the last election. LMAO!

  4. I’m so sorry I got too rough on you…are you going to ban me now because that’s how you roll? I only came here to troll YOU anyway. LOL

  5. These leftists can’t help but embarrass themselves. Well done, Dana. I appreciated the laugh (“I’m a progressive…not a liberal” LOL!!!)

    Anyway, this column is right on. Tari is a special interest extremist himself. They’re the ones who put him in office, they’re the ones who’ll get his attention – and our money. Bike lanes, illegal aliens, and a neutered police department.

    These small, but vocal extremist groups (BLM, BikeBlono, etc. etc.) have Cloward/Piven down pat. They’re well on the way to destroying this city, and it may be too late to stop them.

    1. b…you gave-up the right to laugh at anyone, and committed the ultimate embarrassment when ‘you righties’…but I call you christo-fascists…put Herr Von Baby Hands in office.

      1. Uh. No. Sorry Dana. I’ll admit Trump wasn’t my first choice because he’s not conservative.

        But the fact that you leftists….are calling US fascist…is one of the funniest, most ironic and most telling examples of our time. You have no idea what a fascist is. You just like the word because you think saying it sounds “educated.” Otherwise, you’d see it’s you who are the fascists.

        You cry victimhood. Your arguments are emotion-based. You have no ability to debate – but instead focus on personal destruction of your political opposites. That’s not skill…that’s not progressive…that’s not enlightenment. That’s immaturaty.

        You are too blind to realize you’re in the most tolerant, generous nation the world has ever known. In any other nation, you’d be in a straight jacket and a padded room with lots of (free) medication. Instead, you’re free to barf your nonsense all over the internet and feel like you’re making a difference. So….you’re welcome.

  6. I just have to weigh in. This morning I commented about the Citizen Advisory Board on the comment section of the Pravdagraph after reading their story that enraged me of how many people just love playing the victim. After speaking the truth about how Black Lives Matter is mostly left wing white people struggling with “white guilt,” the Pravdagraph chose to remove my remarks after a bunch of people posted in agreement. Just look at the photos on the Pravdagraph web site and see how many white people want to speak for Black Lives Matter and the need for a Citizen Advisory Board to continue to promote victim status for any minority in the city of Bloomington. So, Dana who is the Christo fascist extremist? Your pals at the Pravdagraph who refuse to report the facts or this site that allows you to post your stupid comments that are totally uninformed? Or, maybe it’s the left wing radicals at the YWCA, League of Women voters? Or, maybe it’s the members of Not In Our Town who welcome anyone to town, including x felons, but certainly not conservatives. You tell me? Keep writing on this site as you are an outstanding spokesperson revealing the idiocy of the left. It’s all very entertaining.

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