Bloomington is HORRIBLE!

By:  Diane Benjamin

A long line of people participated in Public Comment last night for the Citizens Advisory Board.  According to most, racism is rampant among Bloomington Police officers.

Evidently the BLACK Police Chief is racist too since he refuses to control the people under him.

Some told tragic stories – like the lady with the 4 years old daughter who was terrified of the police.  She claimed it was because of what she heard on the news, she must have missed the stories of cops being shot only because they were cops.

A thirteen year old boy had a hard time relating an incident where he claimed he was profiled.  Maybe the officer had good reason for stopping the white guy driving him, maybe not.  Nothing happened as a result of the stop, but that was immaterial.

Not In Our Town is a complete failure.  Systemic racism runs very deep.

I hope no job creators were listening in.  Nobody is going to invest here.  It’s an evil place.

The Citizens Review Board will solve everything though, especially when felons get to police the police.





15 thoughts on “Bloomington is HORRIBLE!

  1. When a society decides the authority no longer should be the authority and no longer recognizes the authority, anarchy is come. By definition, the idea and ultimate implementation of such a police review board suggests anarchy.
    Whether comprised of ex felons, upstanding citizens or anyone else, such a process undermines the role, the authority and the ability for police to do their job as intended.
    That other communities have fallen victim to such a process is immaterial to the needs and best interests of the citizens of this city.
    That other communities have implemented such a process fails to offer any evidence that it is appropriate, necessary or legal, and fails to justify a use or need in Bloomington.
    Individuals desire to police the police? Become a police chief.


  2. What a ridiculous post, and YOU should be ashamed!
    …What’s that the police like to say? …”If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you have nothing to fear!” …Yeah, well the police have proven that statement is a lie over and over by literally executing innocent and un-armed people on the streets without due process…around 370 already this year!

    This country is set-up on a system of checks and balances…and to even attempt to limit that is the definition of fascism.

    The police have nothing to fear from a Citizen’s Advisory Board, and for you to suggest otherwise, or that this somehow constitutes anarchy, is obscenely offensive and makes YOU very un-American!


    1. Ms. Garber
      I won’t engage in a back and forth here simply because your comment doesn’t validate it, but I will reply to your allegations and misunderstanding of the system process.
      First, this doesn’t have any bearing on right or wrong-doing. This doesn’t have anything to do with a statistic that you have tossed out that also has no bearing on the core matter.
      Secondly, your understanding of checks and balances is off the mark; this safeguard was put into place first, for government to check government and secondly, to provide citizens a method to replace government. Such a check does not exist nor does it include the right or authority of laymen/citizens to oversee or advise municipal law enforcement policy, procedures and operations.
      Thirdly, your misunderstanding of fascism is fatal to your reasoning: fascism is a form of radical authoritarian and dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce. Here again, it has no bearing on the issue.
      If you are of the opinion that not allowing laymen citizen to advise and oversee police operations is dictatorial, then, again, you misunderstand our system of government fundamentally.
      THAT, is UNAMERICAN!!!!
      As well, it is not about police being fearful of anything but being able to perform their function without the inherent risk to their own safety for not being able to.
      And, my suggestion and concern that anarchy is visible through this maze of nonsense when lay citizens may overrule or inhibit police powers is clearly in the interest of protecting the best interest of ALL American citizens.
      And if you are offended by that, then there is a deeper seated issue here than you being offended with my position.
      Good day.


  3. I watched the council meeting on live stream. Oh, and I’m my own boss; knock yourself out baby! YOU are the funny one! …LOL


  4. You’re going to call my boss…that’s a threat, albeit a mild and pointless one, since I will be the one to answer the phone…unless you want to call my mommy and tell her? Shall I give you her number so she can laugh at you too? You are a juvenile playground bully Diane…OMG!


    1. So you are retired, but your mom is still around available to take calls. Wow! impressive. Who started the conversation being a bully? Luckily I like seeing how far out of the mainstream progressives are willing to show themselves. You walked right into the trap.


    1. There goes that immature behavior, Dana. Intelligent, mature discourse is more desirable.
      Funny, thoughth, your verbiage sounds familiar–like someone I’ve heard before.


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