UPDATE: King Tari and Liquor

Tari denied the Liquor license to Hucks.  From notes to Liquor Commission minutes, that makes them ineligible for video gaming which is also controlled by the Liquor Commission.   The two people Tari named as his assistants didn’t show for the third meeting in a row.  That make them ineligible to serve.  Since Tari is the only member to show up at meetings, he is responsible for the May 2017 minutes not being available.  Were they approved at the June meeting and just not posted?  Maybe we will know when June is posted.   http://www.cityblm.org/government/boards-commissions/liquor-commission/liquor-commission/-folder-486



By:  Diane Benjamin

Usually the public isn’t aware of what happens at the Liquor Commission.  That’s only because there are far too many committees to watch and very little coverage of what they will be discussing.

Tonight Tari is holding a Liquor Commission meeting.  I wonder if his fellow commissioners will show up or if Tari will just decide everything himself.

You need to know what’s on the agenda for tonight:

Why does a gas station/convenience store want to sell alcohol by the glass?  Do they want to become a bar?

What they really want is video gaming machines.  Of course you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t attend Tari’s open house last Friday.  He told them he had to do one at a time, not glasses and machines together.

Funny because Tari just ranted about people wasting money on video gaming.  The local (supposed) media did too!  I wonder if both will be buried on the next Consent Agenda so no discussions take place?

I wonder if the Council will be informed about the real reason they want to sell alcohol by the glass.  I wonder if Tari will say getting people drunk so they put more money in video game machines violates what Bloomington stands for.  I wonder if nearby residents care.

You are now informed.  The meeting is at the very inconvenient 4:00.  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=14216


21 thoughts on “UPDATE: King Tari and Liquor

  1. Maybe someone should remind Renner that the Library’s expansion is to be a catalyst for revitalization of the area near West Oakland. Apparently, Hucks was a topic of discussion over lunch with Jeff Geiblehausen (sp?). Remember him? Real estate broker for the Huffs.


      1. Bingo! You know Tari casts a jealous eye toward East Peoria and its very successful downtown-to-riverfront redevelopment, most all based and funded from the casino windfall they get every year. It’s just a matter of time before this is on the table in Bloomington. It helps that the state relaxed the riverboat-on-water requirement, eh Mayor?


    1. Revitalization for W. Oakland? Ha! Wow, talk about throwing money away! Which favored Renner connection owns property there?


  2. Affectionately known as “The Ghetto Hucks” it looks like a set up for Renner to finally claim that “we’ve got all kinds of problems with these video poker machines, the police are constantly getting called out, blah, blah, blah and we have to raise the fees. Five thousand dollars per machine is what we’ll need. The downtown needs the money for my hotel darn it!”


  3. The new Citizens Advisory Committee should be all over this as Renner the Minister of Deceit encourages that EBT money to be gambled away with the hopes and dreams of striking it big. Oh the shame Tari. “But I must fund my friends investment holdings in the downtown. I want a hotel darn it!”


  4. I thought video gaming could only be placed in businesses that serve a greater percentage of prepared food than alcohol. Truck stops are the exception.


  5. But, but, but, WHAT about the flamingos? Won’t they be lonely when ALL the locals are out video gaming and drinking? Does this mean we won’t get a koala exhibit either? OH the irony. I wonder what kind of “grease” ole Tari got for THIS job? Seems he cow toes to ANY who bend low enough to kiss his pygidium, and the REST of us can eat cake (at OUR expense-unlike JOHNEE, Diana, Burrass and Rage) It’s enough to make a person ill..


  6. I think this was a push from Huck’s corporate offices. I live in a nearby small town and we just the same request go through our city council for our local Huck’s.


  7. That big often empty building would be perfect for a casino, they could even have it running when other events are going on. Make use of the place instead of it being a big sucking money pit.


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