Coming soon: Utopia Crash

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday night the Bloomington City Council approved this:

In case you forgot, the Council approved this payment at the March 27th meeting – PDF Page 253

The documentation for this meeting states the YWCA needs to money to continue operations until the end of their fiscal year.  They are transporting people to doctor appointments and providing more assistance than Connect Transit offers.  Funds are short because the State of Illinois doesn’t have a budget and United Way can’t provide it either.

The YWCA sent requests for money to MANY agencies including government and medical providers.  No report is included saying how many of them provided money.  The documentation doesn’t say how many people use this service.  The documentation doesn’t say is they charge for this service.  Obviously, if they do charge – it doesn’t cover the cost.

Note: Bloomington called this Economic Development.  There is still no clear lawful justification for this expense.

That brings to me to this gem:

Lynn Montei is the same “facilitator” Bloomington used for past retreats.  Maybe the minutes will be approved at the Connect Transit regular meeting later this month.  Her services will cost THOUSANDS.

What “Strategic Planning” took place?  Maybe darker windows so the public can’t see the empty seats?  Smaller buses that actually fit the needs of the riding population instead of people-less monstrosities?  Maybe stop dropping people off in the middle of the street endangering riders and other drivers?

Since the Montei led discussions with Bloomington were never about what government shouldn’t do, don’t expect a sudden realization that budgeting a $12 million+ loss every year isn’t sustainable.

From Book One of the budget passed in Bloomington last Monday:

Taking money from some people to subsidize others does TWO things.  It makes some people poorer while making the others dependent on government.

This philosophy has never worked.  Way too much spending in Bloomington is for the benefit of employees and their chosen recipients.  Money is taken from citizens to make others richer.

People are leaving Bloomington and Normal.  Living in the Socialist Utopia of full-service government isn’t affordable.

Listen closely, hear the coming crash?







17 thoughts on “Coming soon: Utopia Crash

    1. Silly Rob! Governments job is essential services like roads. People expect government to build and maintain them. That why taxes are paid. Empty buses aren’t part of the social compact expected by anybody with a brain.


    2. Bob since you are so in love with the socialist model why don’t you donate your paycheck to the insanity? You do have a job, don’t you Bob? I mean one that you get a paycheck for. Well maybe not which is why you’re so in favor of taking from others.


  1. WOW Bob!! Ya say ALL roads are subsidized? What about tollways? There’s also these boats called ferries that MAKE money. So what’s your socialist reader say about that comrade?? You must get your news from a the National Enquirer…
    And government funded “freebies” for the masses does NOT support a good work ethic, unlike those “cushie” government jobs..


  2. I’ve been reading Edgar County Watchdogs expose of the Shelbyville Township Board and am under the impression the donating taxpayer money to not-for-profits, etc. is illegal except in very strict circumstances as prescribed in Illinois statutes. Yes?


  3. To those haters who didn’t get their comments posted: Capitalism = getting money from people in a voluntary exchange by giving them something they want. Taxes = Theft by government to do things they want.

    bless your little heart! Flunk economics?


  4. I do think that some form of subsidized public transportation should be provided by government. It’s really difficult to get a job when you cannot get anywhere. Plus people are very motivated to get their own transportation because the buses in Bloomington can never go anywhere nearly as fast as a car. I don’t think that the government should run a system that spends around 10 times the revenue generated by that system.

    I am curious what is the general gist of the unpostable comments?


  5. How soon before Koos decides to get even with Renner & STOP funding the white elephant know as Transit system?


  6. The YWCA care for seniors is so imperative in this community. The seniors served by the YWCA desperately need the services…BUT…THE YWCA has done a terrible job with some of their clients and when employees who serve the patients care and report issues the Administration basically has a “that’s not my problem attitude”. You see the YWCA receives state funding for some of the clients, but they also have some employees (read administration) that could care less if the patients are taken care. There are clients who are so neglected their caregivers (hired by the YWCA) should be in jail. I wonder if this was really a good investment for the City. I would have not problem if the YWCA were doing real good, but I’m not sure that they are with this program. The City of Bloomington has a real problem with throwing money at bad programs.


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