Destination: Champaign

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember when Normal’s Town Council was giddy over handing money to a developer for a Portillos?  Normal was going to be a destination – people would drive to Normal from all over Central Illinois!  People traveling the interstates would go out of their way for a Portillos hot dog!

Champaign is going to open before Normal.  They are hiring now:

More multi-million dollar redistribution of your wealth:

Courtesy of the same folks who think driving to the second floor of a parking garage to drop of train passengers is a good idea.

(Don’t forget, Champaign didn’t give them a dime to build there)






12 thoughts on “Destination: Champaign

  1. People keep talking about their hot dogs, but it’s their original Italian beef that they’re known for. Hate that Normal wasted that 2M tho.

  2. Remember the “good ol’ days”, when those of us in BLM thought of Champaign as a fruitcakey, Left-wing college town? It is REALLY scary that they are starting to almost look sane and thoughtful, compared to the Renner regime and the homegrown Marxists that support him.

  3. Yes and this location is right off I74! This must be part of the Mayor’s grand plan because it looks like Normal got taken for a 2.5 million dollar ride by these guys. Perhaps we drive them from Chicago on I57, get them hooked on the hot dogs at the soon to be open Champaign facility and then drive them over to Normal for our hot dogs (when the pile of rubble is replaced by a restaurant)? I think I have seen some empty buses around town that we could press into service to shuttle out-of-town people to our hot dog stand. Maybe I should run for Mayor next time?

    1. Yeah run for mayor Lawrence, do it! Unfortunately however by then I will not be able to vote for you as I will be just another citizen that has moved away from ILLinois. I’ll be following the SF transfer by then. Good luck ya ‘all.

  4. “Getting chased out of town by out of control government is tragic.” Some of us were chased out of town by violent, criminal Leftists who made living in the Twin Cities too dangerous. You know, the Black Lives Matter, Not In Our Town, Rennerite thugs.

  5. Ya have MY vote Lawrence. You SURE as heck make MORE sense then Koos or Renner PUT TOGETHER! And you have a sense of humor too!

    1. Thanks – we have to laugh to keep from crying about the silly things that our leaders do. We have an economic problem that has been called a recession but is really the beginning of a general economic decline that is effecting almost all of downstate Illinois. And our leaderships’ response to this is? Hot dog stands and amenities to draw millennials to our community? What about new real businesses that actually bring money into the area? Next semester ISU is going to begin to follow all the rest of higher education in the state with lower enrollment numbers (excluding the U of I). So the cash cow of ISU students is going to start to decline in numbers. And our response is a hot dog stand and car company with no money who needs their trees trimmed and their lawn mowed by the city? Really? This leadership for the 21st Century? Laughing is by far the best way to deal with this.

  6. Guess so. Has anyone driven by the old MMMA plant or the new RIVIAN one as of late? There’s MORE cars there then when MMMA was fired up. BUT they are ALL VW’s from the emissions recall. Wonder IF uptown is getting rent for that or RIVIAN is.
    Good thing Tari says everything is OK-like to have THOSE rose glasses…

  7. Heck! At this rate Rivian WON’T even have to build cars to make money. just have Koos crew mow the place and UPTOWN funds the venture. WISH I could get a gig like that. That’s BETTER then the IL lottery!!!

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