For Steve Vogel:


I received an anonymous donation today with this note:

Many thanks to whoever sent it.

Evidently many people are dying for real news.  I will continue to investigate and write as long as people are willing to contribute.

I might even be able to afford a new computer soon!  Without the daily numerous crashes – imagine what I can find!

Keep being Renner’s shill Steve.


Diane Benjamin




10 thoughts on “For Steve Vogel:

    1. They mostly pay for everything themselves. They got sued last year and some people did donated for their defense. It was a bogus lawsuit. They also won $20,000 by receiving a national award, but that doesn’t last long when they are forced to go to court.


  1. Yeah! I’m glad you are back even if it will be limited. You do a great job; we were sorry to lose you as a champion for the “right” minded people.
    Checks in the mail….


    1. Susan,

      My family did the same thing! I learn more from Diane’s real investigative journalism than what the Pantagraph puts out. When’s the last time they broke a real investigative story? To me, it’s worth the investment to have a “check” against the local governments, especially with their explosions of debt and tax increases.

      If 20 new donors could come forward at $10 a month, imagine what that could do to give Diane some resources to keep up her great work!


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