Stevie Vogel laments his income

By:  Diane Benjamin Poor Stevie doesn’t think it’s fair that some people make A LOT more money than others.  Jealous? Today his column is on income inequality in McLean County using data from what he calls a left-leaning site..  He claims the top 1%ers in McLean County earn $365,000+ per year.  Yep, that’s a lot of […]

Fly on the Wall: Media sleeps with government

A few weeks ago the bird-cage liner’s Steve Vogel wrote his column about Normal and Bloomington sharing sales taxes. Magically, the plan gets floated now by Renner and Koos. Is Vogel a prophet? Or does local government conspire with Vogel to “float” ideas to gauge response before they make fools of themselves? It’s not the […]

Earth to Vogel . . Earth to Vogel

By:  Diane Benjamin The obvious alien writer at the Pantagraph, Steve Vogel, demanded .04 a gallon gas tax increase today.  Maybe he sneaked into the country when the old Soviet Union dissolved.  Maybe he was dropped on his head.  He thinks the City needs more money for roads. Citizens expect their government to handle: Police […]

Weekend Wrap

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday Steve Vogel’s Saturday column was published, maybe next week he can explain it.  It served no useful purpose.  It wasn’t even entertaining.  He rattled something about Illinois never seeing Presidential candidates.  Must be jealousy.  Mentioned were Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Carson, Rubio, Huckabee, and Santorum.  Jeb is polling so low, Stevie must […]

Vogel: Get some facts first

By:  Diane Benjamin Saturday little Stevie Vogel spewed more nonsense in his weekly Pantagraph Editorial.  The best I can say is he put his name on it.  Nobody else at the Pantagraph is brave enough to acknowledge their work. Yep Stevie, Illinois is all but destroyed.  People leave everyday, more wish they could leave.  Jobs […]

Corruption Central

By:  Diane Benjamin Multiple Choice test: A)  Why is Matt Sorensen’s name not being taken off the March 15th ballot?  The “powers” think voters are just stupid enough to re-elect him  The “powers” want him re-elected so they can they get his resignation and appoint the person they want  The “powers” want the March 15th […]

UPDATE: Vogel shows why Democrats can’t lead

Two refugees arrested on terror charges – in different States! Got it yet Steve? By:  Diane Benjamin Today Steve Vogel proved that Democrats do not have the ability to govern or keep the country safe.  Most of us already knew that, but Vogel was nice enough to put it in writing for all to […]

Vogel: You make my writing sooooo easy

By:  Diane Benjamin Evidently Steve Vogel’s god is Santa Claus.  Today in the Pantagraph, Stevie is asking Santa not to wait until next Christmas to grant a long list of progressive requests.  Hide the children:  Sorry Steve, Santa Claus isn’t real. Still believing in Santa must be why Steve thinks  “Gun Free Zone” signs magically […]

Vogel announces Lower is running for Mayor!

By:  Diane Benjamin Steve Vogel announced in the Pantagraph today that Alderman Lower is expected to run for Mayor against Steve’s buddy, Tari.  Remember his daughter was Renner’s campaign manager twice.  Since Vogel didn’t add that to his story, I need to make sure you know the truth. Now it’s clear why Tari Junior (Scott […]

Ever wondered why few vote in local elections?

By:  Diane Benjamin If the citizens knew David Hales threw away more than $1.2 million tax dollars on spiked pensions The Council NEVER approved the IMRF payments because they were never on Bills and Payroll Monday the Council will approve over $50,000,000 already spent without Council approval Coliseum management isn’t held accountable by David Hales […]

Wasting time and bucks

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington is going to raise your taxes.  They can’t find cuts because everything they do is so vital to the City.  Sure. Let’s talk time. How many staff hours were WASTED on Paradigm?  Former Alderman Rob Fazzini was working behind the scenes to put the deal together before he resigned.  The legal expenses alone […]

More on Public Comment . . .

(Edgar County Watchdogs) Bloomington, IL. (ECWd) – I recently conducted a survey of cities similar in size to Bloomington, IL., including cities with a population of between 58,000 and 108,000 residents. Bloomington has 76,610 according to the 2010 census, and fall in the middle range of this survey. So this is a good sample of […]

Champaign doesn’t hate citizens!

By:  Diane Benjamin The bird-cage liner and Tari Renner don’t want to listen to citizens – unless the citizens agree with everything they do.  Walking hand-in-hand, the Pantagraph and the City tried to stifle speech they don’t want to hear.  Finding out their vile plans were illegal, Renner’s campaign daddy, Steve Vogel, is now encouraging […]

The Pantagraph’s Steve Vogel’s epic failure at journalism

Since I was way too busy today to respond to Steve Vogel’s latest stupidity, and I know people who can respond even better – I let the Edgar County Watchdogs do it.  Congrats Stevie – it’s now being read all over the State, far more people than read your writings! Bloomington, IL. (ECWd) – I […]

Dear Stevie Vogel,

By:  Diane Benjamin Thanks for adding your Renner connection to your weekly diatribe, its refreshing to see some modicum of ethics reflected. For those who no longer read the bird-cage liner, Vogel’s column this week is on the departure of Stearns from the Bloomington City Council and the interaction between her and Renner.  Steve claims […]

Solid Waste + Steve Vogel

By:  Diane Benjamin Here’s the link to what the Council WILL pass Monday night to still not solve their garbage service problem: As predicted, the $50 per bucket charge was just to make citizens happy the City settled on $25.  Celebrate now, keeping in mind the taxes you already pay used to pay 100% […]

Do facts matter Pantagraph?

By:  Diane Benjamin Just this week the Pantagraph admitted guilt when Alton Franklin was left off the candidate summaries.  I say “admitted guilt” because a few days later they printed Franklin’s responses to questions AND a correction to what they had printed for two Normal candidates. Then today, Steve Vogel editorialized about Bloomington’s garbage.  He […]

Vogel: Where do corrupt politicians come from?

By:  Diane Benjamin Steve Vogel never fails to entertain as he looks at trees and misses the forest.  His column today is no exception.  Aaron Schock’s corruption is going to cost us a lot of money, but why does Illinois have so many corrupt politicians Steve? Vogel failed to ask how this fresh young face evidently […]

The VOGELnator fails again

By:  Diane Benjamin Hey Steve Vogel – forget something?  You agreed to add a disclaimer to every story you do about the City of Bloomington stating YOUR daughter was Renner’s campaign manager twice!  What happened?  Thought I would forget? Maybe Stevie’s daughter is disenchanted with Renner and will NOT be his campaign manager – if […]

Fly on the Wall: Steve Vogel ethics

Talk about hypocrisy! Saturday the Pantagraph’s Steve Vogel lectured journalists on ethics.  He forgot he doesn’t have any moral ground to walk on. Until forced to reveal his daughter was Tari Renner’s campaign manager twice, he loved writing glowing stories of City management. Spare us the lectures Steve, let us know when the Pantagraph and […]

Pantagraph’s Vogel wimps out Update!

The Pantagraph editors went with a new theory – if we ignore the Renner attack – it never happened.  Finding some way of blaming Stearns and Lower was apparently impossible!  In this they are correct!  (for once)     by:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday I wondered how the Pantagraph would protect their golden goose – Tari […]

Pantagraph’s Vogel pulls a “Blame Bush”

by:  Diane Benjamin Steve Vogel has taken to writing comedy for his occasional editorials in the Pantagraph.  The only not hilarious part is that he finally disclosed that his daughter was Mayor Renner’s campaign manager twice. Even the President doesn’t blame Bush anymore Steve.  After 5 (FIVE) years the excuse wasn’t working anymore.  Blaming Tom […]

Pantagraph/Lee Enterprises has no intention of telling you the truth: Update

Update: Mark Pickering Today at 1:30 PM To ‘[email protected]’ Diane, sorry for the delay in responding but I wanted to get with Steve and we did so Friday morning. He will make reference to the relationship when he writes about city government and the mayor again. Thanks Mark Pickering Managing Editor The Pantagraph 301 W. Washington St. […]

Guess what Steve Vogel is hiding!

by:  Diane Benjamin On Saturday Steve Vogel had an editorial in the Pantagraph with his predictions for 2014. Way at the bottom was this: Last month’s dust-up between Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner and Alderman Judy Stearns will be repeated this year – maybe even this month. Steve, Steve, a dust-up? It wasn’t a dust-up! Ms. […]