Stevie Vogel laments his income

By:  Diane Benjamin

Poor Stevie doesn’t think it’s fair that some people make A LOT more money than others.  Jealous?

Today his column is on income inequality in McLean County using data from what he calls a left-leaning site..  He claims the top 1%ers in McLean County earn $365,000+ per year.  Yep, that’s a lot of money.  I wonder how many of them work at ISU and are paid with taxpayer dollars?

Larry Deitz  made almost $400,000 in 2015.  See the list here:  Don’t forget ex-President Flanagan who got paid $480,000 to leave the day before he was arrested, buy I digress.  (Details here:

Was this country founded on public servants earning the most money?

I could go into a long explanation of economics, but poor Stevie still would think it’s government’s job to make everybody equal.  Maybe he can read something not left-leaning:

Government is the problem, not the solution.  The only fix is getting government out of the way so people can create their own prosperity.

The local governments are a huge problem.  Bloomington looks for “the right fit”, their opinion – not market driven free market innovations.

I’ve got proof Normal is anti-free markets, that story will be sometime this weekend.

Stevie, see if Heartland has some REAL Econ courses.  Babel coming from you keyboard is getting old.








  1. Steve needs to focus on the standard of living. That statistic is much closer and a testament to capitalism. If liberals like Steve Vogel continue to push their ideas the income gap will close. We will all be equally poor as producers leave the state of Illinois for other areas that se more business friendly.


  2. sticky bean says:

    I would have thought the top 1% would have been higher than that. Be happy for the tax man Stevie, the feds get about 34% of that and 5% to the state. Even more money to medicare etc. Then of course there is sales tax and utility tax and gas tax and tax, tax, tax, on just about everything so take that you scoundrel! Lament about that Stevie.


  3. Country Bumpkin says:

    Dear Steve, no thanks, your way has been tried, it was called the USSR.


  4. Just two at ISU – President Dietz and Head Men’s Bball Coach Dan Muller. There are plenty over $200,000.


  5. Cavewoman says:

    Bet Steve’s cost of living would be more affordable if taxes were lower. Steve, why don’t you ask your bleeding-heart liberal friends to share their own cash with you? Oh wait, they would want to give you government benefits (tax money).


  6. It IS folks of the same “ilk” as Steve that have these popular misconceptions about such things that actually ARE part of this countries problem. Sad that we now waste paper on his musings, when in “the good old days” we could just tune him out.


  7. Interesting story about Normal…
    Several years ago, when Micheleo’s closed, I went to the Uptown Normal office they had at the time and inquired about the building. I had a friend who was seriously considering opening a pizza place, so I did this on his behalf. Mind you, this is an extremely successful family business that has several locations in central Illinois, all extremely profitable. The guy that was in there, I forget his name, I believe he was the Uptown marketing director, told me that they (I assume he means the Town of Normal) don’t need or want anymore pizza places in Uptown. Really? Who are they to dictate free-enterprise? Not to mention that pizza and college students are symbiotic. This pizza place would have been EXTREMELY successful. The town would be reaping the benefits of their taxes, and the college students would have loved it. But, oh well, the “powers that be” don’t want it.
    Just thought I would share..


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