Renner vrs Lower vrs Hauman

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday Alderman Kevin Lower announced he is running for Mayor of Bloomington.

Alderman Hauman declared citizens now have 3 distinct choices.  Really Diana?  The only difference between you and Tari is you want even MORE spending downtown!  I believe you mentioned a downtown dog park, green space, and a fountain during your post-announcement interview on WJBC.

Tari’s comment was “Lower always votes NO”.   Tari can’t say NO because he has to get things done.  Like fix the roads Tari?  Funny, there was a big push two years ago – during an election year – and now you are purposing another big plan – another election year!

Kevin doesn’t always vote NO Tari, just to things that aren’t a priority for citizens.

So what has Tari accomplished?

  • A new Amusement Tax
  • Raised Utility taxes
  • New Motor Fuel Tax
  • Raised the Sales Tax
  • Borrowed $10,000,000 to fix a few roads
  • Increased Garbage Fees
  • Bought the decrepit Sugar Creek Packing property just because
  • Bought the North Main Street property just because
  • Redistributed money to Connect Transit by renting a property the City had been using for free
  • Exploded the budget
  • Exploded pension funding until he realized it wasn’t affordable
  • Probably kept the pension funding award even after funding was changed
  • Ignored the Citizen’s Summit
  • Established a “fixed” Budget Task force and then ignored their recommendations
  • Exploded David Hales budget and salary
  • Ignored calls in 2014 for oversight of Coliseum Concessions
  • Has a State Police investigation going because the City failed in that oversight
  • Forced me to file two lawsuits for documents – still claiming to be transparent?
  • Hired more consultants than can be counted
  • Found guilty of violating the Open Meetings Act in Executive Session
  • Being investigated for more OMA violations with the Liquor Commission
  • Funneled more money to Connect Transit’s empty bus program
  • Declared an extreme budget shortfall of $7.5 million and just months later a surplus of $5 million
  • Wasted tons of money and staff time on Paradym
  • Wasted tons of money and staff time with Gieblehausen
  • Painted bike lanes on roads too narrow for safety
  • Exploded spending on Legal
  • Eats frequently at taxpayer’s expense
  • Wasted tons of money and staff time on Master Plans instead of accomplishing anything
  • Don’t forget Tari’s vulgar comments directed to me!

I made this list in 10 minutes and probably missed a LOT more screw-ups made by Tari “getting things done”.  I’m sure readers can come up with many more.

Tari isn’t “the right fit” for Bloomington.

Alderman Lower votes NO to stop the reckless misuse of taxpayer dollars.

Google claims there are 19,429 Mayors in the United States.  Taxpayers don’t care what 300 left-wing clowns at the US Conference of Mayors say.  The current conference president sums up perfectly who they are:  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (Baltimore, Maryland)  (Google Freddie Gray)

Government power comes from the consent of the governed.  Tari Renner and Diana Hauman don’t listen to the majority of citizens.

Kevin Lower knows taxpayers work hard for their money and they have a right to keep it, not be fleeced for pet projects dreamed up to bankrupt citizens.

I can easily categorize some of the alderman candidates here too.

You have these choices for government tyranny:

Tari Renner

Diane Hauman

Joni Painter – Ward 5

Jamie Mathy – Ward 1

You have these choices for return to common sense:

Kevin Lower

Lupe Diaz – Ward 5

Sue Feldkamp – Ward 1

Ward 3 has 2 unacceptable choices

Ward 7 has one unacceptable choice

Ward 9 has one – Jim Fruin  He’s more difficult to categorize






  1. I wonder haw many times Hauman will leave the Council chambers if during public comment someone voices dissent. Or worse, rule them out of order.


  2. Was at a large cookout Sat eve, and even an 85 year old lady was discussing how much Connect Transit has “messed up” the routes, she stated she can’t even get around anymore “without having a birthday” IF this is “the right fit” we NEED new leaders (with emphasis on LEADERS!)


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