Think ISU will do the right thing? WRONG

by:  Diane Benjamin

Because of disgraced former President Tim Flanagan, Patrick Murphy lost his job at ISU.  I have talked to people who worked with him and worked for him.  Patrick is one of the good guys and ISU is throwing him away.  Patrick has a degree in horticulture from ISU.  Since Flanagan was arrested and there were witnesses to his outburst, ISU should be considering the circumstances.  Evidently they aren’t.  The witnesses told me that Patrick did nothing to provoke Flanagan, instead he stood still and took the verbal beating – after all it was the President of the University.

After paying Flanagan $480,000 to leave (when they probably could have fired him within days)  ISU can’t do the right thing and re-hire Murphy?  As an ISU alum I am outraged.  If ISU is stilling considering their options, how do they explain this job posting:

Illinois State University – Normal, IL
To facilitate the development of the Fell Arboretum at Illinois State University, promote and market the Arboretum in support of recruitment and retention for high quality faculty/staff and students. To serve as liaison for various campus departments and the community as a whole.

Required Qualifications

1. Bachelor’s degree in horticulture.

2. One year of work experience in a supervisory capacity on landscape construction or maintenance.

3. If this position is Security Sensitive or if you are subject to a criminal background investigationbased on University policy, employment is contingent upon you passing a satisfactory criminal background investigation. You may not begin work until the criminal background investigation results have been received and cleared by Human Resources.

ISU:  You are a disgrace to the community

You have a guy willing and able to work.  You paid off Flanagan and threw Murphy away like garbage.  Do you really think anybody believes Flanagan didn’t call HR and demand he be fired?

If you have a better explanation – spill it!

Of course, you never explained paying off Flanagan, so I’m not expecting much from you!

If you are an ISU alum – please express your outrage to the Presidents Office!  Start with Jay Groves, last time I tried to email the new President, he responded:  [email protected]

ISU, you are setting the worst possible example for your students.  Crime pays big, the little guys get screwed.






4 thoughts on “Think ISU will do the right thing? WRONG

  1. Duh. If the financial crisis of 2008 taught us anything, it’s that there’s the big guys and then the rest.

  2. Frothing with power will listen not to the peoples common sense although they profess to teach same, “and gladly would he learn and gladly teach.” So called higher education has become big business and couldn’t care less. Murphy should get a lawyer and sue their pants off!

  3. I hope EVERY parent hears about this incident and thinks twice before sending their children to ISU. How unethical ISU handled it in firing a good worker who did nothing wrong and even graduated from their own college and got hired their for his major degree makes them look very low down! Then instead of firing this irate, out of control President, who the Board of Trusted so unwisely hired because they must not of checked his background that his own staff from where he came from did not like him, but they let him resign and have to pay him almost a half a million dollars! The ones to make up this financial blunder will be the students by raising their tuition again. This should disgust everyone of us yet the lame administrators at ISU who should be ashamed of themselves for not helping Patrick continue to uphold the decision to “fire” him. I think ISU needs new leadership from the top down!!! .

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