Vogel announces Lower is running for Mayor!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Steve Vogel announced in the Pantagraph today that Alderman Lower is expected to run for Mayor against Steve’s buddy, Tari.  Remember his daughter was Renner’s campaign manager twice.  Since Vogel didn’t add that to his story, I need to make sure you know the truth.

Now it’s clear why Tari Junior (Scott Black) is making the rounds attacking Lower!

Funny, has anybody heard Alderman Lower announce he is running?  Thinking of running?  Is that the reason for the polling a month or so ago asking citizens their opinions – including how they feel about Lower and Stearns?  I wonder what happened to the results.  Anybody see a report?

Maybe the survey didn’t reveal what the guy behind it wanted to hear!  Tari?  Tari?  Was that you?

Since campaigning has already started by Renner supporters, see if this proves Tari isn’t fit to be Mayor.  Go back to the council meeting held December 15, 2014.  If you really want to have some fun, go back a little farther than where the video starts.  It recaps the solid waste fund discussion that is still going on.  This December you will hear it again!  Great management skills by your mayor!

Anyway – hit PLAY:


Is Tari the only guy in town who thinks the population is growing by 1000 per year?  The way the Council keeps throwing money around and giving tax breaks to developers, most must agree.

But, what numbers did the City of Bloomington report to the State of Illinois?  All levels of government are required to submit reports to the Illinois Comptroller’s Office.  Bloomington now has three years of history on the site.  What did they report for population?


2013   77,071

2014  77,733

2015  77,733

No 1000 people a year, not even a change since 2014.  Interesting.  Real numbers too scary?

The site has even scarier numbers though.  http://tinyurl.com/IlComptroller

2015Didn’t Tari run for Mayor on his “conservative” credentials?

Spending $22 Million more than is taken in nullifies that argument!

You think that’s scary – look at page 330 from Monday’s packet:  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=9431

Another Master Plan where Council members are told it’s just a guide.  Then months later votes are called and the Council is told they have to implement what they passed.

Have any money left for more tax increases?

Four more years of Tari, and Bloomington can be Chicago!

That debt is $1,632.95 per person.

One more.  Compare Bloomington to Champaign (2015 not posted yet):


Champaign has more people, but spends a LOT less than Bloomington.

Done with Quality of Life yet?






10 thoughts on “Vogel announces Lower is running for Mayor!

    1. As I recall, the “Bring It On Bloomington” report claimed an expected growth of 2,000 over 20 years. Move that decimal point over to the left, Mr. Mayor.


  1. Renner, I just had to laugh at him on the TV news one evening this past week when he was talking about the Mitsubishi plant. He acted like it was some big secret that a buyer is in the works as though this would be his shining star of redemption and a shoe in for being re-elected. Such a loser in my opinion if there ever was one. Closely followed by his bud David Hales.


    1. Renner’s proposal to float a $2-3M bond for streets and sewers is a political move too.
      According to Public Works, it will take at least $60M/yr over several years just to get the streets to a grading of “fair” condition.


      1. Yes, my mistake. It still isn’t enough to make much of a difference. I still think it is a political move.


  2. IF one was to spend $100 MILLION or more, on an auto plant (and they have that kind of cash) common sense says that they would start from SCRATCH rather then buy someone ELSE’S mistakes and 20 year old complex-wouldn’t you?? It WAS such great farmland before! Maybe it would make the WORLD’S largest go-kart track, now that’d be FUN anyway!


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