Pantagraph wrong again, but nothing new

By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph thanked Alderman Diana Hauman for serving and for publicly stating she is not running for reelection to the Bloomington City Council because she was not able to develop a cohesive Council. When Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower were members, the Council was very cohesive.  Everything they said was ignored. The […]

Who destroyed downtown?

By:  Diane Benjamin According to Wikipedia: Back in 1967 virtually nothing existed where Eastland Mall is today.  Locals tell me the City Council cheered the new mall without understanding moving anchor stores from downtown would result in today’s conditions. How many employees did the Pantagraph formerly have downtown?  They recently created another empty large building […]

The CLUELESS are ruling!

By:  Diane Benjamin Attn:  Council If your information on ANY topic, especially the Coliseum, is from David Hales or Tari Renner you are getting “Fake News”. Jamie Mathy is quoted in today’s paper saying the Management Agreement with CIAM “literally forbid the city from having access to the raw numbers”.  SOURCE Jamie, why did the City […]

No, you don’t!

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s ELECTION DAY! If the only race you want to vote is MAYOR:  only vote Mayor. You aren’t required to vote in every race. Yes, you can same day register! Today is the day to send your message to City Hall. Either spending and taxes will continue to increase or you can […]

Tomorrow-you win or lose

By:  Diane Benjamin Tomorrow either big government people will dominate Bloomington-Normal for the next 4 years, or citizens will.  Will the Pantagraph and the Chamber of Commerce get their picks, or will the people forced to pay for the vision of Big Spenders finally throw them out? You get the government you deserve by not […]

Sorry BLM, it wasn’t a “peaceful” protest

By:  Diane Benjamin Tuesday night Uptown Galleries knew protestors were gathering outside.  I didn’t count the group but at least 20 people lined both sides of the doors as people left. I saw NO police. Previous debates did have officers present.  Why would the Town of Normal allow this group to gather outside the debate […]

Pantagraph: Quit pretending

By:  Diane Benjamin Unlike the Chamber of Commerce who cancelled their interview with Kevin Lower (according to Kevin), the Pantagraph got their Editorial Board together to listen to both Renner and Lower. It was all for show. The Pantagraph will endorse Tari Renner because they are progressives (Big government is great!) folks, just like […]

Tiritilli, Lower, Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday Marc Tiritilli was interviewed on WJBC: Listen to the next mayor of Normal.  Besides the massive debt, the Portillos debacle and Koos’s stand against allowing the public to speak freely is enough to throw him out of office. Tonight: The final debate between Tari Renner and Kevin Lower. ISU’s University […]

Election on Issues or Attacks?

By:  Diane Benjamin The local press needs to decide if they are media or propaganda machines for Tari Renner. The people behind the Facebook page attacking Kevin Lower are Renner supporters.  This is a tweet from one of them proving the connection to Renner: Justin Boyd is Renner’s campaign chairman.  The vile people behind the […]

UPDATE: Despicable WJBC

I found this while looking for something else and just had to add it:   By:  Diane Benjamin Why a “legitimate” news agency would follow the loathsome people behind “Citizens Deserve better Than Kevin Lower” is beyond comprehension.  These are the same people who accused the Bloomington police of harassing them at a local park […]

Another Pantagraph reject letter

By:  Diane Benjamin This time the writer didn’t get a response from the Pantagraph after submitting this letter, it was just never printed. The writer sent it BEFORE the primary, and since it still applies there was no reason it wasn’t printed, except it doesn’t reflect the views of the paper.  The name has been […]

Wrong Track? Obviously

By:  Diane Benjamin Unemployment numbers for January 2017 are now available on the Illinois Department of Employment Security website: Unemployment is on the way up in Bloomington-Normal.  The first column is Jan-17 – then Dec-16 the Jan-16. Of course the closing of Mitsubishi has hurt the local economy, but local governments still hasn’t figured […]

Debates, BS, and Facts

By:  Diane Benjamin Cities 92.9 held a debate last night between mayoral candidates Kevin Lower and Tari Renner.  Listen to it HERE The picture below is the back side of a mailer sent by Tari Renner.  I’ve been holding it for a couple of days because I knew he would use these talking points during […]

About the election . .

By:  Diane Benjamin I can’t believe the comments on Facebook from people saying they never vote in primaries because they don’t want to say what party they are voting for. Aside from the FACT yesterdays primary didn’t have parties, that is the lamest excuse possible.  The GREAT candidates lose in the primaries because of that […]

WJBC – broadcasting through tin cans?

By:  Diane Benjamin From 5-7 pm last night WJBC had a round table discussion with 4 of the 5 mayoral candidates.  Unfortunately, the sound was awful!  As soon as the news director started talking, the sound quality went far south.  It’s a shame the broadcast quality wasn’t better. Ian Bayne did not show up for […]

The Debate!

By:  Diane Benjamin It was WONDERFUL only having 3 of the 5 candidates show up last night, the audience got much more information from the candidates than would have been possible with all 5 there.  The room was packed with people wanting to hear what the candidates had to say. If you didn’t attend or […]

Boring predictable Council meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin Of course the TIF District passed last night 8-1.  Only Kevin Lower knows government doesn’t create economic development without taking your money to do it.  Free markets are dead in Bloomington.  I hear Giebelhausen is still planning a hotel for the Pantagraph building, not where the City wants one and not in […]

Miscellaneous stuff:

By:  Diane Benjamin 1) East Side Highway meeting tonight:  6:00-9:00 Central Catholic High School 2) If you aren’t protesting your property assessed value – you are a sheep being led to slaughter.  I’m sure it says how and where to protest on the letter you received. 3) I finally listened to the video from Monday’s […]

BIG ERROR on tonight’s Docs

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight the City of Bloomington is meeting again.  Locking your wallet against the current Mayor and Council isn’t going to protect the money you worked for – and they want. But it gets worse.  It looks like somebody is trying to re-write history. This is a link to the packet for the […]

Know those people you elected?

By:  Diane Benjamin We are supposedly a Representative Republic where people are elected to represent us in government. If you’ve ever watched a Bloomington City Council meeting, it doesn’t take long to realize only 1 guy on the Council represents citizens.  Of course, Kevin Lower. The rest are there to represent the City to the […]

Bombshell followup: Revisit April 14, 2014

By:  Diane Benjamin April 14, 2014 was the Council meeting where CIAM’s management agreement was changed to allow Junior Hockey instead of Professional Hockey.  The badly worded contract could have been scrapped and renegotiated, the City choose not to. I realize most readers NEVER watch the video’s I post.  You prefer reading what was said, […]

Must see slobber fest

By:  Diane Benjamin David Hales got his raise last night with only Alderman Lower voting no.  Lower stated Hales salary is not representative of the local economy and that other employees will expect the same raise.  Considering the Hales’ review took many Executive Sessions, I imagine Lower’s comments and probably more were expressed behind closed […]

Vogel announces Lower is running for Mayor!

By:  Diane Benjamin Steve Vogel announced in the Pantagraph today that Alderman Lower is expected to run for Mayor against Steve’s buddy, Tari.  Remember his daughter was Renner’s campaign manager twice.  Since Vogel didn’t add that to his story, I need to make sure you know the truth. Now it’s clear why Tari Junior (Scott […]

Is Schmidt the new City Manager?

By:  Diane Benjamin Alderman Schmidt was given a few minutes at the end of last night’s meeting to discuss proposed cuts by the Budget Task Force.  She is the one who held her own meeting a few weeks ago and she drove the conversation last night. Tari put the Task Force together, but since the […]

What do you choose?

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington held a Council work session last night to hear plans for downtown.  David Sage was absent.  Do you have a right to know why your elected representative wasn’t there?   9 people are going to decide the future of Bloomington, if any can’t attend a vital meeting, and you can’t hear […]

It about CONTROL!

By:  Diane Benjamin If my Internet hadn’t been down AGAIN for most of the day, I’d look up the video.  Maybe you remember Renner talking about downtown:  “We wouldn’t want a Jiffy Lube on the corner”. Did you elect a Mayor or god?  Who gave him a right to decide what goes where?  Maybe Jiffy […]

Finally back, now the news

By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph has been anxiously awaiting what I am going to write about Kevin Lower’s Town Hall last night.  If you read their report and attended, it’s easy to see what I spoke about toward the end of the meeting.  The bird-cage liner is either intentionally deceiving citizens for their own personal […]

HUGE day tomorrow

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington: Alderman Kevin Lower’s Town Hall for ALL of Bloomington.  The Mayor and Council aren’t listening, Kevin will. Lafayette Club 7:00 pm – 1602 S Main Street 18th Congressional District: Election to replace Aaron Schock The choice is very easy.  If you love John Boehner and establishment Republicans, Darin LaHood is your choice.  Boehner threw a […]

Did Tari Lie?

By:  Diane Benjamin When Alderman Kevin Lower announced his Townhall meeting, he didn’t set an agenda.  He merely listed items that could be discussed based on what citizens were telling him.  Tari’s email to supporter(s) makes it clear that spending is his highest priority, regardless of the consequences.  Tari is Markowitz part 2 – opinions of citizens […]

Bloomington: Your Boy Mayor strikes again

By:  Diane Benjamin A little history of Tari’s childish behavior: November 2013-Tari tells the council in secret (Executive) session he won’t tolerate dissent.  Still waiting for Attorney General to issue final ruling: First attack on me December 2013: February 2014-Tari attacks Judy Stearns for proposing budget cuts: February 2015 – Tari recruits Brexton Issacs to […]

Alderman Lower wants YOUR opinions!

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington Alderman Kevin Lower will be holding a: Town Hall meeting July 7th – 7:00pm New Lafayette Club on South Main Street Bloomington Agenda Items: Public Comment Rules Ordinance Changes for City Council Meetings Downtown Strategic Plan Front and Center proposed purchase / redevelopment project The Budget Task Force This meeting is […]

13.7M, 9.5M – what Tari didn’t want to hear

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari didn’t want to consider any budget cuts last year, so he forced through 3 tax increases. Tari didn’t want to consider any budget cuts this year, so he is taking $3M from savings. Tari didn’t like the results the citizens summit and surveys, so he’s putting a commission together to study […]