BIG ERROR on tonight’s Docs

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight the City of Bloomington is meeting again.  Locking your wallet against the current Mayor and Council isn’t going to protect the money you worked for – and they want.

But it gets worse.  It looks like somebody is trying to re-write history.

This is a link to the packet for the Council meeting:

See page 11.  It is a copy of a resolution supposedly passed on July 25, 2016.  It’s one of those feel good things that is meaningless unless Renner wants more taxes to implement the resolution.  The troubling part is what is reported at the bottom:  the Council vote on July 25th:

72Alderman Lower is listed as a NO vote – the ONLY NO vote.  Absent aldermen don’t get recorded as a NO vote.  How was the vote 7-2 when the Council has 9 voting members and one was absent?

It wasn’t too difficult to find the REAL vote:

See page 7:

resThe resolution number is the same on both documents.  The approved and published minutes recorded no NAYS!

So, who is responsible for re-writing history?  Maybe a Mayor running for re-election who has problems with the truth?

(He has a reputation of changing facts!)

City:  Don’t try to correct the record and claim it didn’t happen.  I have a copy.





  1. Hahaha. The resolution in question is Diana Hauman’s rewrite of the city’s mission, vision and values statement. The one that removed the word “integrity” as a value.


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