Yes, your taxes are going up!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Mayor Renner said over and over and over last night that Bloomington is not raising your taxes.  Here is Tari’s tax bill he paid in 2016:

tari-taxLooks like in increase to me Tari!  Of course, that increase is due to your house being assessed for more money.  Government doesn’t have to raise the rate – just tell the assessor to increase everybody’s values!  Slick game.

The Council kept talking about “capturing growth” when what they really mean is housing in Bloomington just got more expensive. Where is the “growth” that isn’t in TIF district (where the City can’t use it on essential services) or places where taxes have been abated (Kroger, Green Top)?

They want to use the money to decrease emergency response times in parts of the City where it is too long.  They think the artificial increase of just over a half a million will start that process.

I’ve got a better idea!

This Council tied up $1,400,000 in the property at 807 North Main for some unknown reason.  How many paramedics could have been hired for that much money?  (Maybe this is part of Scott Black’s Bold Vision)

kirkMwilambe, Hauman, Painter, and Black will be on the ballot at the next election.  Don’t forget how they voted.

Lower will be on the ballot too – take note of how he voted!

One thought on “Yes, your taxes are going up!

  1. The $1.4M for the Main Street property was paid for with the funds raised by the recent 1% sales tax that was supposed to be used to close the structural deficit. The salaries for EMTs are paid with property tax revenue. Renner and the Council are careful about raising property taxes because most people are very sensitive about that. They should pay more attention to all of the other taxes and fees that slowly chip away from their disposable income and standard of living.

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