Fair Share Tari?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I thought Democrats were all about paying their fair share.  Maybe that just means everybody else is supposed to – not them.

Let’s revisited the assessed value of Tari Renner’s house.   http://mcleanil.devnetwedge.com/view/RE/21-12-428-001/2009

He bought it in 2009 for $310,000, according to County records.  I doubt this number is correct though since the Recorder’s Office shows a mortgage in 2010 of $248,000.  (Sorry, I can’t link that one for you.  Permission to view those records are required)

The assessed value in 2009 was $324,502.

In 2010 it increased to $351,372.

2011:  $351,372

2012:  $348,701

2013:  $344,901 – Tari became mayor

2014:  $344,901

2015:  $344,901

2016:  $339,037 – The new assessed value

All numbers are the taxable value listed x 3.33

Is your assessed value dropping?

Why is Tari’s?  Bad neighborhood?







9 thoughts on “Fair Share Tari?

  1. I wonder what the assessed value of Tari’s neighbors homes did in the same time frame? is there special treatment going on here?


  2. Interesting…..home prices in my neighborhood are down, but my assessment continues rise about 3% per year. Maybe Tari can give the rest of us a few tips on how this works?


  3. Not to support Tari, but I live on the east side and we had several years of decreases and years that it has stayed virtually the same. I am still about 10 grand below my 2009 value. They average house sales and determine a neighborhood factor each year.


  4. I live in the Fox Creek area, my assessment peaked in 2011 at 283k and by 2014 it had dropped to 259k. It has increased this year to 263k and next year will be 266k.


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