By:  Diane Benjamin History Review: Obama won the October 2009 Noble Peace Prize.  He had been in office less than 9 months. During his 8 years (a short list): Russia seized Crimea Russia threatened Ukraine and shot down a passenger plane killing everyone on board North Korea developed long-range missiles China built islands for bases […]

Three Blind Mice

Guest Editorial Now that Buragas is the 3rd rat to leave the ship (out of the 4 slated to run), let’s wish her goodbye with this ditty sung to the tune of Three Blind Mice. . Three Blind Mice Three Blind Mice See how they spend See how they spend . Planning and spending is […]

Bloomington Council last night

By:  Diane Benjamin Ward 8 wasn’t represented as Diana Hauman was absent.  Of course nobody mentioned why. The ISU kids showed up in Bloomington to support Tobacco 21 during public comment.  ISU has indoctrinated them well to believe government needs to “parent” the population for the good of the collective.  Sending your kids to college […]

Citizen Budget cuts

By:  Diane Benjamin Since Alderman Hauman’s citizen budget group hasn’t been allowed to discuss their findings at a Council meeting, I want you to see their work. (moving the library and a Welcoming Ordinance for illegals are evidently more important) The group started with the items discussed at the November retreat.  The retreat was the […]

Enough Games-Part TWO

By:  Diane Benjamin Part 1 with corrections: This statement is right above where the person filing signs their Statement of Economic Interest: It is a crime to file a false statement. See a blank form HERE Note:  The form includes lines to file for all required offices at the same time. Don’t get excited about prosecutions […]

Correction: Enough Games!

I’m changing my statements as it pertains to Jamie Mathy and Kim Bray.  The statements they filed this year apply to last year, so alderman would not be on it.  The real problem is the County does not post the Statements of Economic Interest filed with petitions.  That means voters have no way of knowing […]

The Letter

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari has thought he is god’s gift to Bloomington since the day he got elected the first time.  He planned to RULE, not serve.  Every action he has taken from his first day on the job proves that.  He has no concept of what most people think a mayor should be. The […]

Spin machine is spinning!

By:  Diane Benjamin Celebrate!  Tari is returning from his “medical related” leave October 1st.  Just like everything the City of Bloomington does, his return will have NO Transparency.  Does he still have his government credit card?  If he does, Freedom of Information Act requests are about to spike! Remember the citizen survey a few weeks […]

$$$$ Saved, doubtful

Correction:  Karen Schmidt did report that Diana Hauman was sick By:  Diane Benjamin Alderman Hauman and Mayor Renner were both absent last night.  Not a word was spoken about either.  That means 20% of the people you elected were missing.  Progressives evidently don’t think they have any responsibility to citizens.  Of course watching them in […]

Apologies To Alderman Hauman

By:  Diane Benjamin At last Monday’s Council meeting Diana Hauman was the only vote against the citizens Review Board of the local police.  She did the right thing. In this story (that went VIRAL) I stated in error what the Alderman said about Mike Matejka: She actually pointed out that he and a few […]

Bloomington is Chicago

Did Tari Know a large crowd was coming?  It matters. By:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington Police Department was told loud and clear last night they were a huge problem.  I wonder how many officers today are questioning why they are willing to die on the job to protect and serve people who despise them.  I […]

Council fun – Part 1

By:  Diane Benjamin New Alderman Jamison Mathy didn’t show up last night for the Bloomington City Council meeting.  As usual, nothing was said.  Everybody acted like it’s perfectly normal for an elected representative to be a no-show.  Unfortunately, his absence might have cost one family their property rights.  (stay tuned) Alderman Diana Hauman didn’t show […]

Why is Hauman running?

By:  Diane Benjamin Why did she write this? I believe she wrote this when Tari’s petition signatures were being challenged. (Note the City stationary) Just so you know it’s really her, this is from her campaign literature left on a citizen’s door: I admit I cropped the propaganda!      

Today’s GOP breakfast

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal people would think a GOP breakfast would be for members of the GOP.  This morning it wasn’t. Evidently the local GOP is pretending local elections are non-partisan even though Renner has proved Democrats have no spending limits when they have taxpayers wallets to rob. Most of the candidates for the Bloomington […]

Mayor candidates: #FactsMatter

By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph has a video on-line of their mayoral candidate interviews.  See the video below.  Yes, as Tari likes to say FACTS do matter.  The video is less than an hour – watch it. Diane Hauman is already planning to increase fees for garbage service even though a January 17, 2017  presentation […]

Pantagraph: What was your source?

Quite by chance, the Pantagraph has an anonymous editorial today concerning their version of Fake News! By:  Diane Benjamin If the Pantagraph gets their news from Tari Renner, they need a new source. See this story they did for an article on the mayoral candidates: This statement is included: #FactsMatter The amusement tax was […]

Setting the record straight:

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday the Pantagraph did a story about County union employee salary increases: This paragraph is in the story: Two problems:  The City of Bloomington has been hit by at least 24 penalties amounting to around $1.6 million. (it could be more by now) That’s not “several”. Second, the County negotiated with […]

Maybe Hauman and Renner can split the vote!

By:  Diane Benjamin There are people in Bloomington who don’t care what high taxes under Tari Renner are doing to the poor.  How many Bloomington residents know the City DOUBLED the amount landlords pay to register properties?  Who is hurt?  Renters – the poor.  If any members of the Council complain about high rents so […]

Local elections CAN’T be non-partisan

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight there is a mayoral debate at the Doubletree – 7:00pm.  Come early, at least some candidates will be there early. Two candidates won’t be there:  Diana Hauman and Robert Fike Either they aren’t serious candidates or they are afraid to answer questions, the debate is being held by Cities 92.9. Tari […]

Elect Hauman? WHY?

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is a brief recap of things I’ve written about previously: Comprehensive City Manger reports are no longer issued because Hauman thinks they are a waste of money.  Now citizens have no idea how tax receipts are trending.  See email HERE  This email also sounds like she doesn’t care about speakers at […]

Diana Hauman stays on the ballot

By:  Diane Benjamin I caught part of a video live stream on Facebook from the hearing of Bruce Meeks’ challenge to Diana Hauman’s petitions.  It was enough to know the hearing was a lawyer’s game of procedures, not based on evidence. The Bloomington Election Commission has a lawyer and so did Diana Hauman.  Bruce Meeks […]

Why Hauman isn’t qualified

By:  Diane Benjamin Not only is Hauman not qualified to be mayor, she isn’t qualified to be alderman! Why?  Because both are supposed to represent the people who elected them.  She doesn’t.  It is her fault that monthly City Manager reports are no longer published.  The Council never voted, she just mentioned it was a […]

Reviewing the past:

By:  Diane Benjamin A reader found this story from 2005 in Peoria Magazine: It’s an interview with former Mayor Judy Markowitz when she left office. Quotes from the article: Are both running successfully yet? The BCPA is a big money loser, you already know about the Coliseum.  (Another Coliseum story: Every mayor since […]

Tonight’s debt explosion

By:  Diane Benjamin The only Regular Agenda item tonight for the Bloomington City Council is the race to debt.  (Capital Improvement Plan) For decades essential spending on roads, sewers, pensions, and maintenance have been neglected for “Quality of Life” items. Now, in an obvious election year proposal, the Council will debate borrowing money to fix […]

The fun never stops: See this!

By:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois Municipal League has a conference in September.  The IML is an organization that hasn’t filed tax returns in decades, their top employees got themselves State pensions even though they aren’t State employees, and they lobby Springfield for local governments – and against the citizens paying the bills. See these two […]

Renner/Hauman not attached?

By:  Diane Benjamin Diana Hauman first got a seat on the Council by being hand-picked by Tari Renner to fill a vacancy.  She was then elected in 2015. Every once in a while I’m surprised by Diana, like her objections to Geoffrey Tompkins’s appointment last Monday.  At other times, I just want to say:  REALLY? […]

Renner & Hauman running scared!

This story has two updates:   By:  Diane Benjamin After Judy Stearns reamed out most of the Council Monday night, Alderman Hauman and Mayor Renner had to attack her via email. Note:  When Judy was on the Council she refused to give me emails under some belief that she shouldn’t.  Now she’s free […]

Goodbye Transparency

By:  Diane Benjamin On June 23, 2016 I posted an email from Alderman Hauman questioning why David Hales did a City Manager’s Report: It looks like Hales agrees and is therefore not compiling the report anymore.  For May, some data is in a folder – most is missing: I’m sure posting real information, […]

Last night’s Council meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin Hit PLAY below to hear last night’s Public Comment: Some of the speakers were REALLY good! Two things of note happened: Diana Hauman managed to get restrictions removed for a small business trying to open. (Listen to public comment)  It seems that somewhere between the Zoning Committee and the Agenda, the number […]

Bloomington: 2 reps MIA

By:  Diane Benjamin So, the few of you that actually voted in the last local election thought you were voting for representation. Joke is on you. First, most of the Council works for David Hales and Tari Renner, not you.  Vote results are predetermined by free lunch. Tonight 2 alderman didn’t show – Painter and […]