Pantagraph: What was your source?

Quite by chance, the Pantagraph has an anonymous editorial today concerning their version of Fake News!

By:  Diane Benjamin

If the Pantagraph gets their news from Tari Renner, they need a new source.

See this story they did for an article on the mayoral candidates:

This statement is included:


The amusement tax was not passed for streets and sidewalks.  If Renner implied that, he was just trying to justify his assault on people from and coming to Bloomington.  He sees them as Dollar Signs!

From the City website:

amuseTari Renner is running a campaign claiming Facts Matter.  Both Renner and the Pantagraph need to start using them.  Ditto Hauman.

The Amusement Tax wasn’t for pensions or streets!  Tari just needed more of our money.

Want to guess who the Pantagraph will endorse?





5 thoughts on “Pantagraph: What was your source?

  1. “Earmarked.” sounds good sorta but what does it really mean? In my house we earmark for new furniture but if something else comes up like a leaky roof or needed car repair, guess where we spend that earmarked for new furniture money. So tell us Mr. Renner, what exactly are you really doing with money that is earmarked? Since you read this site, I expect an answer. Thanks.


  2. The 0.25% of the 1% sales tax is “earmarked” for streets according to the ordinance. I don’t know where Renner and Haumann are claiming “infrastructure”–a broad term including things like public transit, bike paths, bus shelters…etc. Increases to the Enterprise funds (water, sewer, storm water, solid waste) will be announced after the election. That decision was made at the Council retreat in November.


      1. Jf, I got the information from the city’s website. The retreat is not video taped and no citizens went to CIRA where it was held.


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