Yes, #FactsMatter

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner is claiming this:

streetsTari forgot to say the City borrowed $10,000,000, imposed a .04 per gallon gas tax, and a .25% Sales Tax increase to do it.

Aren’t streets and infrastructure maintenance what citizens expect from government?  Previous Councils spent money recklessly on pet projects instead of essential services, Tari decided to do the same and get the needed money from you instead of the budget.

Tari campaigned 4 years ago on fixing the streets.  Did he say he was going to borrow money and raise taxes to do it?  Nope.  Yes Tari, #FactsMatter

About Scott Black and Sonny Garcia:

This article is a good source for why Sonny Garcia can’t serve on the Bloomington City Council:

Scott Black voted to raise Utilities taxes, the gas tax, and the amusement tax.  Black voted for the 1% Sales Tax increase and more spending on non-essential services:

Black has talked about a new City Hall and Library complex.  He has big dreams for BIG government.  The problem with BIG government is it deprives the people least able to pay the right to spend the money they earn the way they want it spent.

It’s sad that Ward 7 will continue to have an alderman who thinks government is entitled to your money.




5 thoughts on “Yes, #FactsMatter

  1. Renner’s “plan” to improve streets is to slow down and boon doggle traffic flows so that the occasional bicycle rider can pretend they are safer (from vehicle weighing about 2 tons or more) because of a picture of a bicycle painted in white. Hey I got a plan to improve streets too, it’s called “The Common Sense Plan.” The millions of dollars that hve been spent on consultants, plans and more plans to update the previous plans, unneeded stupid mayor conference dues, national and international frvilous travel expense for his and his cronies amusement that money will be spent on said subject instead. I could repeal taxes and provide better than this void of any economic sense poly sci professor mayor could ever do.


    1. Perhaps some misunderstanding here… The council had previously agreed to spend 4 million annually from the general fund on the roads. Almost immediately they backtracked and decided to borrow 10 million instead of using the money from the general fund. Now they are looking to borrow 25 to 30 million to fund road expenditures for the next 5 years; what they not not telling the public is that that this will necessarily require a new or increased tax to fund repayment of the bond.


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