Bloomington: $20 Million in cuts?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Can $20 million be cut from Bloomington’s budget?  David Hales thinks disaster would strike Bloomington if the tax increases were rolled back.  (The media happily reports it!)

Here’s a better question:

The 2012 TOTAL budget was $165.3 million (Pre Tari)

The 2013 TOTAL budget was $167 million (Pre Tari)

That 2017 TOTAL budget is more than $207 million – (Post Tari)

That is a $40 million increase since Tari Renner was elected Mayor.

Where is the $40,000,000?

Is Bloomington $40,000,000 better off?

Money was borrowed and taxes were increases for streets.

Taxes were raised to fund pensions.

Where did the $40 million go Tari? 

Salaries, benefits, Administration, more employees, consultants, legal fees, Coliseum, pension spiking penalties – just to name a few places.

If voters can’t see Tari Renner is making the same mistakes Democrats in Springfield have made, they deserve more tax increases and more central control of their lives.  The results will be the same.  Bloomington is already littered with empty buildings.  Have you looked at Eldorado Road lately?

Precise data would be easier to show if the financial statements from April 30, 2016 were available.  They aren’t.  They are now close to a year old.

Current tax receipts are no longer available – ask Mayor Renner why?  Transparency Tari?

If the Chamber of Commerce and the Pantagraph endorse Tari, what does that tell you?


Budget Sources:

2012 Budget


2013 Budget







2017 Budget

2017budget .

4 thoughts on “Bloomington: $20 Million in cuts?

  1. Did someone say “Rosies” We ate there yesterday, How about Medici? OH, look there’s another mayors convention and the topic is “Growing the economy by raising taxes”.


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