Why Hauman isn’t qualified

By:  Diane Benjamin

Not only is Hauman not qualified to be mayor, she isn’t qualified to be alderman!

Why?  Because both are supposed to represent the people who elected them.  She doesn’t.  It is her fault that monthly City Manager reports are no longer published.  The Council never voted, she just mentioned it was a waste of money and poof – no more reports.

Hales does put miscellaneous information on the website pretending it’s a City Manager report.  No more awards for him!  (They were formerly award-winning reports)

The last (sort of) report is from August:  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=21&parent=11337

See page 2 of what is being called the City Manager’s Report:  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=11353

Click where it says:  “View Monthly Financial report”.

It will take you to this page:  http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=21&parent=36


The last report listed is from October 2015.

The City used Hauman’s comment to stop informing the citizens about tax receipts.  I’m sure she didn’t mind being used, she doesn’t want you to know the City’s business either.

Most of the Council wants citizens in the dark.  Hauman led the way.

Does anybody on the Council represent citizens?

Someone should at least force the Council to vote on depriving citizens of access to information.

What are they hiding?

Don’t forget, Mayor Renner is traveling to a communist country on your dime.  Actually 20,000 of your dimes.

Remember when communists used to be the enemy?

One more thing from the City Code:

illegalmeetYesterday was a Federal Holiday – Columbus Day.  According to the City code, that meeting yesterday was illegal.

(no, laws don’t really matter)


4 thoughts on “Why Hauman isn’t qualified

  1. Those monthly managers reports should still be compiled and at least posted on the web site. Hales is always bloviating about performance metrics. The finance department is to formulate a report on a regular basis. (Quarterly). How can the council make an educated decision about spending without information? If Hauman doesn’t have the information that should be available in a report, she can claim she didn’t know–therefore can’t be held accountable. Who knows how much revenue? Who cares, raise taxes. Spend on downtown signage, coliseum, consultants, Cadillac health care, on and on…. Tie up tax revenue in TIFs. Provide tax rebates to downtown property owners so they can make a fortune on rental income or business. Where are the generated long term jobs? I digress. Hauman is unfit for elected office for so many reasons.


  2. Yes, factually in the State of Illinois Columbus Day is a legal holiday. Fact checked using this site from the State of Illinois shows this report to be completely correct.

    On the Federal level the fact check also shows that this report is factually correct.

    Now, factually who is suppose to file charges when the City violates it’s own laws ?
    This holiday is not the only violation the City has done and continues to do with no agency or governmental unit or judicial unit to seek ENFORCEMENT. So, like a dictator or King or Queen they do what they want with no one to find them in the wrong including Hales.


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