Did Julie Emig violate City Code ethics?

By: Diane Benjamin At Monday’s Bloomington Council meeting approving money for the Ecology Action Center was on the Consent Agent. Everything on it was passed with one unanimously vote including this to the Ecology Action Center: https://d3n9y02raazwpg.cloudfront.net/cityblm/5a1a631e-a62d-11ec-8a90-0050569183fa-36dc0a47-f3e1-4a7f-ab53-55227cac04fe-1654897109.pdf One problem – h/t a reader: Julie Emig is listed on the Ecology Action Center website as a […]

Defeated again

By:  Diane Benjamin The local beggars held another weekly call Wednesday night.   Alderman Jeff Crabill wants the Council to be compassionate and cough up money.  https://week.com/2020/04/29/despite-setback-twin-city-coalition-resumes-battle-to-ease-covid-19-economic-stress/ Excerpt: I could make an extensive list of how government has no compassion, but that isn’t necessary here. Also according to the article, these groups made up the attendees: […]

Normal: Emergency Meeting Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin Documentation for the 5:00 pm meeting:  http://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3586 This meeting is not to address this: Illinois State University is closed and Normal’s pension funding percentages have crashed, that is a real emergency.  Stopping non-essential spending to get ahead of the more than likely severe revenue decrease isn’t an emergency being considered. Protecting City […]

Bloomington violates their own code

By:  Diane Benjamin Tomorrow is a Federal Holiday – Columbus Day.  Evidently the Code Bloomington writes for themselves is immaterial.  The City Council is scheduled to meeting tomorrow anyway:  http://bloomingtonil.iqm2.com/Citizens/calendar.aspx Tari must think he can ignore a Federal Holiday because he is doing this: Proclamation Recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the City of Bloomington on […]

Downs: Writing ordinance violations for traffic isn’t legal!

By:  Diane Benjamin The Village of Downs has this paragraph in their City Code:   PDF page 10:    https://media.rainpos.com/1071/01071201807310321435182.pdf What a great racket! I wonder why Bloomington and Normal don’t write ordinance violations instead of speeding tickets.  They could make a fortune keeping all the money for themselves! They don’t do it because it isn’t legal. […]

Part 3 – Nikita Richards

By:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Code has a section on ethics for employees, it is patterned after the State Ethics Act:   http://www.cityblm.org/government/codes-ordinances/city-code Excerpt: To find out what activities are prohibited, see the State Ethics law:     http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs5.asp?ActID=2529&ChapterID=2 This is the definition of Prohibited Political Activities from that link: There is more, but that’s enough […]

Normal: Record short meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin On the video below, the meeting isn’t called to order until 14:10.  All business was finished by 19:50, the majority of that time taken by reading bios of three individuals appointed to the Children’s Discovery Board.  In Normal the names of appointees aren’t announced until the Council approves them.  Transparency is for […]

Why Hauman isn’t qualified

By:  Diane Benjamin Not only is Hauman not qualified to be mayor, she isn’t qualified to be alderman! Why?  Because both are supposed to represent the people who elected them.  She doesn’t.  It is her fault that monthly City Manager reports are no longer published.  The Council never voted, she just mentioned it was a […]