Defeated again

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local beggars held another weekly call Wednesday night.   Alderman Jeff Crabill wants the Council to be compassionate and cough up money.


crabill quote

I could make an extensive list of how government has no compassion, but that isn’t necessary here.

Also according to the article, these groups made up the attendees:

protect our people

That raises a problem for Jeff Crabill and Jenn Carrillo:  City Code:

prohibit a

prohibit 1 Jenn is employed by the State version of Illinois People’s Action.  Both Jenn and Jeff are members of the Bloomington-Normal Democratic Socialists of America:

members of DSA

Lobbying and demanding “compassion” with tax dollars from the Bloomington City Council of which both are members sure sounds like “participation in political activities”.

There is an even better reason redistribution of wealth is dead:  City Code demands Jeff and Jenn recuse themselves from this discussion at Council meetings:

conflict of interest

 Obviously neither can render a fair and impartial decision when

they are members of the groups begging.

The radicals lost the fight to get inmates released.

They just lost this fight too – and any future agendas dreamed up by the radicals.  The Conflict of Interest clause is in the City Code to prevent situations just like this.

The article claims Normal and the County will also be targeted for money.  I wonder if Normal will allow comments that violate their policy?




5 thoughts on “Defeated again

  1. If Normal can do something to look more progressive than Bloomington you can be assured they will. Normal refuses to realize they have lost over half their population of spenders while ISU, IWU and Heartland are doing remote learning. These colleges have nearly 28k students combined. Normal’s population with the college students here is 52K. Remove the college and high school and below kids and what is left are the real tax payers. (The children in high school and below are really not spenders.)

    Money is immaterial to Normal. Every property owner will have to make up the difference for the tax burden the students spending had covered. Without long term and immediate reductions in spending, property taxes are being poised to skyrocket higher.

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  2. Based on the Ordinance, Crabill should not have been able to bring forth his initiative for direct aid. Recusing oneself due to conflict of interest has been left up to the discretion of the Council member in the past. Let’s see how this plays out.

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  3. Dumb and Dumber part 2!! There ARE so MANY organizations locally AND FEDERALLY that help those who can’t make ends meet, that they REALLY don’t NEED these two “chili stirrers” begging for them. These ARE the kind of people that want to DRAG AMERICA DOWN! Let them move to Venezuela!

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