Due Process: Illinois business and citizen road map to freedom

The Edgar County Watchdogs are on fire detailing why Pritzker orders are illegal according to the law.

Catch up on the stories you have missed here:  https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/

This is the story you need to see:  https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/due-process-illinois-business-and-citizen-road-map-to-freedom

“We urge each and every business and citizen to read the road map we are providing to opening up your businesses and removing you from the Statewide quarantine/isolation.”

Click the link to find out what the road map is!

The Watchdogs were completely right when they did a story about conceal carry permit holders committing a felony is they wear a mask in public.  They were validated by the State Police who issued a statement yesterday stating they should not be prosecuted.

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9 thoughts on “Due Process: Illinois business and citizen road map to freedom

  1. …and this answered the question I posed yesterday. Free Illinois. Okey, I hate to admit this but I watched the 2:30 press conference today again!..When it came press question time, I saw something I haven’t seen for awhile. Some spine by the media!!! Jay Bee sidestepped questions but they continued to push! To make a long story short he was asked what is he going to do about places like Woodford County ignoring his May Day declaration. He never indicated what he would do. He just said he felt it was in their best health interests (his words) to not do this. Hey he also relied (gasp) on saying it was part of what Trump is asking people to do. Jay Bee is relying on Trump’s actions to try to get people to follow his asks. Wow….think I will go ride my horse, but first I need to get a hair cut.

  2. my mom has been imprisoned in one of the local care facilities for two months. her sentence was just extended for another 30 days. i can tell you,as her POA she never was notified of her incarceration .and neither was I .

  3. I’m sorry, did we suddenly overnight become part of Michigan? Last I checked, this is Illinois, not Michigan. Why do liberal dummies insist on trying to prove their point with irrelevant information? What Michigan and it’s citizens do means squat to us here in Illinois other than the satisfaction of knowing there are others out there who aren’t going to put up with government authoritarianism and tyranny.

    Once again, geography lesson for dummies…………….Illinois is not Michigan. Michigan is not Illinois. The geography lesson is now over.

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