Update: Springfield OPEN ILLINOIS rally


h/t a friend in Springfield

An OPEN ILLINOIS rally is also taking place in Chicago.  The people who refuse to accept  government tyranny are demanding freedom.  My delete button is armed and ready to remove stupid comments about hoping they die.

If you want to live in fear go right ahead, stay in your basement waiting for handouts.  Many others are refusing to comply with Pritzker’s illegal orders.

If I get more pics, I will add them!

open 4

open 1open 2open 3

9 thoughts on “Update: Springfield OPEN ILLINOIS rally

  1. The pro-close crowd is likely counter demonstrating with flags in hand of a different variety (red field with yellow hammer and sickle on top left of banner). All of us likely know some of the counter participants. It is May Day or International Workers Day celebrated by the likes of Mike Matekja and other BN leaders. I’m glad it turned out nice for them to curse at freedom loving people.

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  2. How can we find out about the next rally? Had I known this was happening today I definitely would have made the trip. Grassroots events take on a new meaning with the power of numbers.

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