Update: Springfield OPEN ILLINOIS rally

h/t a friend in Springfield An OPEN ILLINOIS rally is also taking place in Chicago.  The people who refuse to accept  government tyranny are demanding freedom.  My delete button is armed and ready to remove stupid comments about hoping they die. If you want to live in fear go right ahead, stay in your basement […]

Normal: Outrageous Price!

By:  Diane Benjamin At Monday’s Council meeting at was announced they think the formerly $24,000,000 underpass can be built for $22,000,000.  This Uptown vanity won’t allow a single car to avoid sitting at a crossing waiting for a train to pass.  It won’t stop people from crossing the tracks on foot at other crossings. Compare […]

Think anybody in Springfield cared?

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s hard to understand why the General Assembly in Springfield opens each day of session with prayer, but they do.  When a Catholic Bishop in Springfield announced the leadership would not be allowed to take communion, Mike Madigan’s response was:  “I don’t go to church anyway”. Duh, Mike.  That is obvious. After […]

Springfield got the Tiger grant

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal will have to keep tossing money to their Tiger Grant  Application Service.  Just since May 2018, they have spent $348,389.08  trying to get free money:    https://blnnews.com/2018/10/15/normal-is-following-the-plan/ The only BUILD (Tiger) grant in Illinois went to Springfield for high-speed rail – see PDF page 27:   https://www.transportation.gov/sites/dot.gov/files/docs/policy-initiatives/327856/build-fact-sheets-121118-355pm-update.pdf The announcement was made yesterday. Where […]

LEGAL breaks the record!

By:  Diane Benjamin Yep, another Bloomington City Council meeting on Monday.  Yep, more approving Bills and Payroll.  Yep, Nobody on the Council will bat an eye at this one: $59,559.55 might be a new high for tax dollars being shipped to Springfield!  Jeff Jurgens and Springfield assistants are mining your gold. The remaining budget (until […]

I love the police but . . . Updated

By:  Diane Benjamin I’m one of those people who thanks veterans and the police whenever I see them.  I really appreciate the job they do for the people of this country.  I have military and police in my family, their jobs aren’t easy.  We all know veterans have made the ultimate sacrifice, but so have […]

Todd Greenburg no better in Springfield

by:  Diane Benjamin Springfield had severe problems with Open Meeting Act violations and failure to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests before Todd Greenburg became the City Corporate Council.  I think they called the latest Shred-Gate after some local officials decided to destroy evidence. In case you forgot, Greenburg formerly worked for the City […]

What is the truth with Todd Greenburg?

by:  Diane Benjamin Think back to when it was announced that City Attorney Todd Greenburg was leaving.  What was the public told? The talking points were he wrote a letter to City Manager David Hales that affected their relationship, so they could no longer work together. On December 30 Greenburg spoke to and was questioned […]

City of Springfield-as bad as Bloomington & Normal

Response by Carl Woodward to a Springfield newspaper story:  (Carl has previously written about Bloomington and Normal debt  http://blnnews.com/2012/12/14/bloomington-normal-illinois-governmental-theft/) I read your article. I know you wrote what was supplied to you, but you need to know the following so the readers are not mislead, not your fault. The “real” city budget is only balanced […]