Todd Greenburg no better in Springfield

by:  Diane Benjamin

Springfield had severe problems with Open Meeting Act violations and failure to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests before Todd Greenburg became the City Corporate Council.  I think they called the latest Shred-Gate after some local officials decided to destroy evidence.

In case you forgot, Greenburg formerly worked for the City of Bloomington.  Greenburg was given a lot of money to leave, even though he didn’t have a contract requiring it.  Springfield decided to recycle, oh – I mean hire him.

He hasn’t even been there a month, but a Springfield lawyer is already after him for Council proceedings he thinks violate procedures spelled out in the law.  Here’s a link to a letter attorney Donald Craven sent to Todd Greenburg:

Maybe recycling government employees isn’t the best route, or maybe citizens should be told laws only apply to peons.  Government workers and the elected seem to think they are above laws they deem irrelevant.  Only citizens think they have the right to know what government is doing.  Todd just found out he can’t escape pesky citizens by relocating.






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  1. First it was Tom Hamilton, Steve Stockton, in the Rimco Scandal,Todd Greenburg, in the Springfield mess, Who’s Next ?? Tari Renner, David Hale “cover up ?”

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